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Do not read this email if you never want to turn left as you board an aircraft!

“Wow….how amazing! What a dream! That will be us one day!”, said two young ladies as they passed by my Business Class pod.

Katie business flight

It was only a few months ago I was saying exactly the same thing.

I really ‘heard’ those girls and I wanted to grab them by the arm and say, “You can! You will! It is totally available to you and it’s SO much fun!!!”

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I can barely wipe the grin of deep joy and pride from my face. Travelling as much as I am and in the style that I am is literally a dream come true. I always wondered if it was possible for me. There was always a little voice inside that said I could do anything I desired with my life. The rub was the bastard voice that would pipe up with it’s sneering and callous laugh and say, ‘In your dreams, sista!’.

plane engine

Well….little did my ego know that ‘in my dreams’ actually motivated me! I was SO fed-up with that limiting little bastard in my head that I got so determined to change how I did life. I did everything in my power with as much support as I could muster to transform my mindset from ‘I am a victim’ to ‘I proudly take life by the balls!’.

And now, I am writing to you from 35,000 feet. I simply had to send you a note (they even have WIFI up here!) before I settle down to a film, a glass of champers and a nap!

As I enjoyed a massage in the Business/First lounge after a hearty breakfast of poached eggs, smoked salmon & spinach, a parallel between aircraft travel and life occurred to me.


I have flown approximately 400 hours between London & Sydney over the last few years, crumpled up in Economy Class. I know how to do that flight. I know how to pack for it; I know how to mentally prepare for it; I know how to get through it.

London/Sydney return is like going into battle.

Survival is the objective. Air-Miles is the medal of honour!

I would pack my carry-on bags with everything required to cope with the next 24 hours as humanely as possible and I would board the plane with a military style determination …. it was every man for himself! I would arrive at my destination a bit bloated, baggy under the eyes and in need of rehydration and a good sleep….but relieved to have survived.

It occurred to me, that is how I did life for more than 30 years.

Life was to be survived!

You bunker down and bloody well get on with it. You are grateful for what you have. You accept your lot. God forbid you expect ‘too much’.

Disc call button

If I was able to pay my rent, put petrol in the car and ensure my son was well cared for with a few treats along the way, I felt such relief. I would think, ‘Phew, another month survived. Now…how do I do the next one….!?’
I am not kidding.

And sometimes the relief came from surviving the day. Or the hour. Depending on how bad my anxiety was…..


CHOOSING to do life differently was the game changer.

Choosing to draw a line in the sand which said, ‘that was my past and now I get to create my future’, is what made the difference.

Some of my closest friends and family don’t even know that I had to claim housing benefit for a few months at one point in my life – not that long ago. It was the most humiliating, disempowering and upsetting decision I have ever had to make. I was a hard working, intelligent girl and had never in my life relied on benefits. I felt well equipped in every way to earn a living that didn’t require that support. But at that time, surviving was an hourly achievement. And I knew….I just knew that one day I would serve and contribute meaningfully again. My time would come and that motivated me.

It was a dark time.

I’m telling you that to illustrate what’s possible.

I am not special. I am just like you.

I know financial hardship. I know emotional discomfort. i know grief. And I know what it’s like to make a choice and change my life.

I chose a life of ease and grace. A life of abundance and joy. A life of self-love and worthiness. (I even made a piece of affirmation art for myself to reflect that desire)

I gotta tell you ….. all those things are reflected back to me beautifully today through my choice to travel to Sydney in style. From the ease of the private chauffeur transfer from my front door to the airport, to the joy of a pre-flight massage in the airline lounge, to the feeling of total self-love as I gift myself with such a treat…..because I finally believe I am worth it.

I chose to claim my worth.

I chose to thrive

Survival is SO yesterday.

What do you choose?

If you would like to speak with me about where you are at in life and what you are absolutely fed up with, I would love to get to know you a little better. Perhaps I can guide you toward living a life that you are deeply proud of – a life that feels authentically you?

Life is short.

Grab it by the balls!

I dare you.
Big Love,

Katie xx

P.S. Please remember, how you feel and how you live your life IS your choice. It may not feel like it….but trust me, if I can do it, so can you. x



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