{A Month of Self Love} Wednesday Wake-Up


Every Wednesday during our ‘Month of Self Love’ I will invite you to journal around some questions I pose to you. Journaling is a great way to connect in with yourself and get to know the REAL you – dark and light. No-one else will read what you write so you get to be super honest and raw within the pages of your journal.

Do you dare to meet the real, authentic, warts’n’all you!? As scary as that could seem, I promise you that all parts of you are worth loving and unless you get intimate with all that you think and feel, you will never truly feel connected to you and able to trust yourself.

So, shall we dive in?


What has to change?

What am I willing to give up?

What am I prepared to invite in?

What could stop me from making these changes in my life?

What do I resolve to commit to in order to create these changes in my life?

How do I feel to acknowledge all of the above?


I am excited for you! Answering questions like these are a GAME CHANGER! Accessing and honouring your truth is empowering and liberating. I also know it can bring stuff up that feels overwhelming. Remember, The School of Self Love is here to support you and you are welcome to connect with me personally this month as I am offering free consultations to explore what level of support you might need. You don’t need to do life alone. Together we are better.

Love you loads,
Katie x

Founder of The School of Self Love 

PS. If you are serious about taking you and your life to the next level, I invite you to book a private conversation with me. This is a totally free consultation where we can explore how The School of Self Love can support you – from transformational retreats to group coaching to online home study to private coaching with me, we’ve got you covered!  CLICK HERE for a Self Love Consultation with me.

2 Replies to “{A Month of Self Love} Wednesday Wake-Up”

  1. I need to change in myself belief regarding myself that I m special worthy strong and every good thing is possible and that I m loveful….I m willing to give up all negative talk to myself and I m willing to give up hatred and my past experience is coming in my way I want to invite self love self sufficeience as if I m complete love peace and power compassion for myself and others to forget myself in past and other….

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