Private Coaching Spaces Now Available (for single midlife women who want to meet their person)

I would love to guide you into 2024 feeling prepared to meet your partner in crime!

If you are ready for some 1:1 attention, let’s have a conversation to explore how private coaching could support you. DM me to book in that free conversation with me.

The outcomes you will receive from private coaching will be reflective of your intention for the coaching however here’s some outcomes you can safely expect to achieve :

You will be fast tracked towards meeting your match.

Understand why he hasn’t arrived yet and what specifically needs to shift to be open to receiving him.

Move through a programme of work that will clear those blocks.

Take your power back when it comes to dating so that it no longer feels like a chore or an impossibility.

Harness your Feminine Superpowers which are key to attracting in the Empowered Masculine. You will be supported through a massive behavioural overhaul and the creation of brand new habits and ways of doing life.

Discover your inherent worth so that you feel that you can contribute valuably to a relationship and receive a man who respects your value.

Discover how your disempowered masculine and feminine energies have been sabotaging your ability to date confidently and have a relationship that feels empowered.

Joy, fun & pleasure will become your new normal.

Allowing yourself to be vulnerable will become your superpower.

You will no longer be driven by fear and you will realise where fear has been running the show and what to do instead.

Let go of limiting beliefs and sabotaging patterns of behaviour which are the reason your man has been blocked to finding you (because remember, he is looking for you too!).

Improve your body confidence by learning how to love and accept your physical self.

Rewire your mind so that your thoughts feel clear, confident and ready for empowered dating.

Date with confidence!

Discover that ‘doing the inner work’ isn’t as hard as you think it might be!

Feel proud of yourself!

I look forward to hearing where you are at and how I can support you.

Click HERE to Email me – let’s get the conversation started!

With love,

Katie xx

PS. I filmed a little video for you you. It’s on my Instagram. Click HERE to watch it! 


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