I recently attended an event with Dr Joe Dispenza.

Today is Stress Awareness Day.

One of my personal practices to reduce stress in my life is meditation.

I recently attended an event with Dr Joe Dispenza. His meditations have literally felt like life savers at certain crisis points in my life.

I asked him what he considers the best times of day for meditating and recorded his answer as a voiceover to today’s reel.

No surprises, first thing in the morning and last thing at night are his recommendation because that’s when our brain waves are most aligned with a meditative state.

Consider a snow globe. When you shake it there’s a tonne of snow frantically flying about the globe. That’s our brain most of the time!! Meditation allows the snow to settle. And when you sit in meditation you’ll probably start with a busy mind so if you imagine your thoughts like the snow in a globe, you can allow them to slowly settle as the meditation progresses. First thing in the morning and last thing at night, the ‘snow’ is likely to be a little less shook up and it will take a little less time to settle.

At least, that’s how I visualise it!

There’s a plethora of ways to reduce your stress levels and today I invite you to tap into what you know works for you. Or try something new. Meditation is one way.

I also love EFT (tapping), shaking, and shouting to move stress out of my body! Yoga, walking, and being in nature all help to keep me grounded.

This morning I enjoyed a yoga class and observed the stress in my body. Tears came as I physically moved and released. I then had a cup of tea while sitting on the grass with my dog – the sunshine, grounding into the earth with bare feet, and stroking my dog all reduced my stress too.

Do what works for you.

Remember, self-love is self-responsibility.

Love ya!
Katie xx

PS. I created a video to accompany this post and you can watch it on my Instagram. Click HERE to watch!


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