An invitation to take a more active role in promoting compassion and love through leadership

I thought I would share this snippet from the Dalai Lama’s live zoom this morning. I trust his energy and wisdom is just what you need today!

Watch here :

If you are woman desiring to lead, this is your nudge and wink from the Universe that you are needed. Now.

“Female is the symbol of love. Our mother is the symbol of love. Without a mother’s milk you can’t survive. The Female is the symbol of love and compassion. Sometimes I express that the world leaders should be female….

…..female represents human love and human compassion. We have to make every effort to promote human love so females should take a more active role regarding promoting compassion and human love….”

– said the Dalai Lama this morning.

I am a little bleary eyed after the 5am start to join this live zoom call but it was worth it to be in the energy of this remarkable soul. And don’t you just love his giggle at the end!

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