You Are Not Broken

I joined a business mastermind this week and I’ve been invited to write in detail about who I am, what lead me to where I am now and why I have the business that I have.

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I have done this exercise more times that I can count. My journal is full of me reminding myself of my ‘why’, so I was a little hesitant to do this exercise – again! But, I have loved it.

Every time I answer these questions I seem to go a little deeper and either find an edge I hadn’t discovered before or a deeper connection to where my clients are at and why I am the perfect person to help them. It re-ignites my passion and purpose – again!

The thing that is hitting home for me today is the idea that often when we hit that point in our life where everything seems to crumble and we feel broken and faulty (one day you might refer to it as your ‘breakdown’ or your ‘rock bottom’) it’s so easy to forget innately who we are. We start to identify with something being wrong with us and while it definitely feels like that, it’s just not true.

As I was writing my life story and the ‘why’ for my business, I connected with the young girl and the teenage girl who believed that her life and the world was one great big exciting opportunity. I was naturally driven to being my best self – first as a student and then as a young corporate woman. I set goals and went for them. I achieved them. I believed anything was possible for me.

When my ‘breakdown’ snuck up on me when I was about 34, for a long long time I thought I was damaged and broken and something to be fixed. I thought this for longer than necessary and so I am reminding you now that if you are in the thick of a breakdown of any level, remember that you are also in the middle of a breakthrough and there’s nothing wrong with you. Infact, everything is perfect because right now you are releasing all that doesn’t serve you and all that would sabotage and hold you back if you didn’t have this chance to let it go. You are in the process of revealing your precious, valuable, wonderful self.

Don’t forget who you are.

Remember you are not your thoughts or your feelings. You are not your experiences – good or bad.

You are a divine, delectable, delicious woman!
Katie xx


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