You Are A Natural Healer

I’m not sure I can remember everything that came through on today’s ‘Self Love Ritual’ episode! So many messages and wisdoms and synchronicities proving that life is always supporting you and desiring to co-create with you!

Watch Here: 

Today I invite you to tune in to how you are feeling and connect with what you need today and this week. We take some time to just feel and connect with ourselves. We hook into our intentions.

If you want to feel empowered, happy, free, purposeful and able to trust yourself you have got to take responsibility for yourself and your life and getting intentional is where we start!

Some cool messages came through today including……
* We don’t have to evolve through pain. You can learn through joy and pleasure.
* We can choose transformation to be easy and graceful or we can go through it kicking and screaming, calling in drama and making it hard for ourselves! We get to choose that it be easy.
* As an energetic being you have the power to create and destroy – to empower yourself or self sabotage. That power is with you! You get to choose!
* Remember when your expectations aren’t met, a great affirmation is ‘this or something even better!’
* You are a natural healer and can guide energy through intention – you are that powerful!
* You are not your source – God / Life / The Universe / Source Energy is your source. Together you can co-create.
And so much more…!
It was a powerful transmission today!

I hope you feel empowered by the end of the recording. I have a feeling you will.

Love you,
Katie xx

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