Another year single … :(

Hey Lover!

If you are single in January, it’s natural that the painful thought, “another year single” is playing on your mind.

While it might feel true and while you might have ‘evidence’ that nothing works when it comes to meeting your person (because if it worked, you’d be in a relationship), this thought is deeply self sabotaging and unhelpful.

Today I want to invite you to honour that thought while also creating new and powerful statements that can serve you. Let’s honour both – the truth of where you are at and how you are feeling, AND, your desires and your commitment to receiving them.

If you aren’t single but have been wanting to manifest something significant that hasn’t happened for you yet, I bet there will be nuggets within today’s share that will re-motivate you and bring some hope.

Let’s dive in.

With love,

Katie xx

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