Hold your desires lightly

Hey Lover!

Last month in The Love Lounge™ the theme was ‘Relationships’ and as always, we had a guest expert come in and run a training for us. Andrea Balboni is a Love, Sex & Relationship coach and she shared something that really struck a chord with me because it highlighted a crucial step in the manifestation process.

Andrea said we must ‘hold our desires lightly’ because remaining non-attached when calling in what we want is the only way to be open to receiving them.

I am excited to share more on this with you today and give my own real life success story to inspire you to what is possible when we release attachment to the thing(s) we most crave!

No matter what you are calling in, I trust today’s show will be the reminder you needed at the perfect time!

Let’s dive in.

With love,

Katie xx

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