Are you ready to jump off the hamster wheel?

Just 3 years ago I had to claim housing benefit for a few months because I was in total survival mode.

I honestly cannot recognise that woman now and yet I remember her so well.

I swore I would never tell anyone about claiming those benefits. I was mortified the day I had to go to the council offices and submit my paperwork. I cried all the way there and back.

I felt so small, so humiliated and so defeated.

I worked hard! I was educated and intelligent! I always supported myself. I always coped.

I was a survivor!

And, that was the rub.

I only knew how to survive.

That chapter of my life was a low point and yet I was doing all I knew how. Survival was in my blood. Generations before me were experts at it (although I was the first to sink so low….) and I was following their lead.

Needless to say that was a turning point for me.

I remember thinking, “Seriously Katie, how bad does it need to get before you learn a different way of doing life?”

You see, I knew enough at that stage to know that we are creators and that we are meant to live a life that is joyful, abundant and free.

I was well along the path of my spiritual and personal development journey. I had cleared out loads of baggage in the form of limiting self beliefs and destructive patterns of behaviour. I was happier than I had ever been.

I had learned to love myself!

I was enjoying that new, deep, inner peace that knowing myself and rather liking myself brought.

I had even started a business selling a gorgeous gift range which featured my affirmation art designs. I was living on purpose and motivated by creating something that helped women to live their truth and love themselves.

My work was inspiring others and yet somehow I was still just surviving.

My experience of hitting my own personal financial rock bottom was the kick up the bum I needed to make the decision to do life differently.

I’d got a lot of the inner pieces sorted and it was time to dig even deeper. I was being called to love myself even more and that meant learning to create a life that I was worth!

A life that supported me in every conceivable way.

A life that was abundant in every meaning of the word.

A life that reflected my truth and honored my desires.

On Sunday I am flying business class to sunny, summery Sydney to spend time with my coach followed by time with my Sister and her children on the beach. I am beyond excited!


I dared to tell you about when I had to claim benefits because I now get that that part of my life is simply part of my story and I am no longer embarrassed by it.

I am actually proud of every aspect of my life.

Every challenge has been an opportunity for massive growth.

Back then, I was motivated by survival and housing my son.

Today I am motivated by thriving and creating awesome life experiences for my son.

The energy that propels me forward is different.

My no-matter-what determination to live a life that is SO ME and so rewarding means that I am creating miracles for myself and my son regularly.

And I mean miracles!

I am creating and living life on MY terms.

I KNOW that living life in a way that feels free and empowered is available to anyone because I am not special and I am not that different to you.

The secret is mind-set.

It’s a fierce decision that enough is enough. No matter what stage of your journey you are on and what you are longing for – whether it be to love yourself, to find purpose in your work or to have greater financial security. Whatever it is for you.

Whatever you are ready for, I am here to tell you that you can have it and you will have it.

Your mind-set it the key.


I wonder if this email has got you thinking?

Have you identified anything in your life that you are simply fed up with?

What are you determined to change?

Clearing out the beliefs and thoughts that are blocking you to having that is the first step to change.

Being supported through that process and being held accountable as you start doing life differently is the total game changer.

Getting expert support is what turned my life on its head.

At first it was self-help books. Then it was counselling. Then it was private coaching at increasing levels of expertise and investment.

I am now totally blessed to be working with a world-class coach. I chose her because she helps me get results in all areas of my life, without fail. I also get to follow her around the globe and work with her from some pretty stunning locations. That feeds directly into my personal desires for travel, adventure and sunshine!

The even more exciting thing is that I can now offer this to my clients too.

e2670935-23fa-47e9-a777-4a777df4a623Where I go, you can come too.

If you desire some time out and a change of scene coupled with deep personal transformation and a new approach to life, perhaps working with me on location is just what you are ready for?

This work isn’t for everyone. You will know if it is your bag and your time.

If you have bubbles of excitement in your tummy and your mind is jumping up and down with a million questions, just click here to line up a call with me..

I am a rather all or nothing kinda gal so when it comes to change and transformation, I’ve always desired it quick, fast and lasting! I learned how to do just that and am privileged to be able to show you how to do the same.

Big Love,
Katie xx


 Check out my video above for more information on what it’s like to work with me on private retreat.


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