Be Your Own Soul Mate!

I am in the middle of writing a proposal to some colleagues in the women’s health and wellbeing space around partnering up with me on a project. I was feeling into my proposal and what came through were these words : “Be My Business Soul Mate” That had me feel so juicy and excited. The

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Herpes Hype

On today’s ‘Cuppa With Katie’ Show I want to speak to the very sensitive subject of STI’s.  I want to shine a light on this topic because of the shame and self-sabotage I see it creating in incredible women who deserve to love and be loved unapologetically. To summarise, I was speaking with a client

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Are you attracting unavailable men?

Today’s ‘Cuppa With Katie’ will be addressing this topic so please join me and let’s dive in. Big love, Katie  PS. Are you ready to find and then keep next level love? Then come join The Love Lounge™ !  Try before you buy with a 7 day free trial >