Be Grateful

Gratitude seems an important topic right before Christmas, a time when we will almost certainly receive. In this final communiqué in our  eight-part Winter Series entitled, “Love Yourself Wealthy,”  let us all be grateful.

An attitude of gratitude is a much underrated outlook because vibrationally gratitude sets us up for abundance. When we are grateful for the things that we receive we are energetically aligning ourselves to abundance. In a state of gratitude, we do not dwell on what we don’t have but rather we appreciate all of the love and support that we do have. We get what we focus on and so in focusing upon what is present in our lives,  which is what gratitude makes us do – it means that those present things will increase and intensify.


 5. Oh what a relief to realise we are part of an abundant, limitless loving universe that intends our desires be met_1


Sometimes it is so easy to look at our lives as one massive To-Do list. It can go something like: Dinner, Christmas drinks, school fair, meet new clients, make pudding, deliver article, meet deadline, clean house, make calls, write blogs, do Christmas cards, respond to messages, maintain relationships, take cat to vet etc etc. This feels overwhelming sometimes doesn’t it? But what we often forget is that our lives are this way because we have ordered all of this up for ourselves. Our lives are a direct reflection of our previous thinking. All of this stuff going on in our lives is the abundance of the universe being delivered to us and yet where is our gratitude?

If we were to reframe our ‘to do’ list as a list of gratitudes such as ‘I have friends to write cards for and for that I am grateful, I do not go hungry and for that I am grateful, I have great communication tools and for those I am grateful, I have a steady income and for that I am grateful, I have loving relationships and a snuggly cat and for that I am grateful – well then our energy changes instantly doesn’t it? We are focusing upon what we have and are therefore calling in more abundance. By cultivating our own gratitude we open ourselves up to receive and invite more abundance to flow into our lives.

I remember only too well what my life looked like when I was stuck in a victim mindset. When I discovered why I felt such a victim I was able to release the beliefs and habits that kept me so angry and sad and switch up to a vibration of joy, love and gratitude. Hand on heart, I have never looked back! Loving myself allowed me to develop deep gratitude for myself, my life and the abundance that is all around me – all of which increases every single day. I have so much to be grateful for and this is what I desire for you too.

The work I do with women is very much about looking at beliefs that are holding you back from claiming the life that you desire. If you are interested in claiming support in this area, I am available for complimentary discovery calls to look into how I can support you in creating and realising your life goals.

Big love,

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