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Part seven, this penultimate dispatch in our eight-part Winter Series entitled, “Love Yourself Wealthy,” finds us all here in the spirit of Christmas; that time of year where giving is at the forefront of our minds. It is pertinent now to think about the law of giving and receiving, the way in which they are perfectly balanced and also to consider the idea that ‘we reap what we sow’. This is of course true at any time of the year not just at Christmas time.

All of our thoughts have effects both seen and unseen and the visible effects of our thoughts and deeds are paid out to us in friendship, gifts, money, inheritance and blessings. Earlier in the Autumn I was gifted with flights to Morroco by my dear friends. I am so grateful for their generosity. Yet when I think about it, it is no surprise. When I think about how much I cherish their friendship, how warm-hearted I feel whenever I think of them and the generosity of spirit that I have for them, it feels right to receive their kindness. This is the law of giving and receiving – as you think, so shall it be.


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When thinking about receiving we must all have an equal plan of giving. When we give without fear of lack, we are telling the universe that we believe that we are provided and so shall that be.

When it comes to wealth acquisition, I believe that the more you can help others to achieve their abundance, the more abundance we ourselves will receive. This may well work financially but in many ways the joy of helping others is also its own kind of riches.  If the law of giving and receiving is a law of balance, then it figures that the more we can give, the greater our ability to receive becomes. So let’s all choose generous thoughts and invest our intentions wisely!

The art of receiving is a permission piece and is very linked to beliefs around being worthy and deserving. The ‘Self-Love Affair’ work I do with women addresses limiting beliefs and behaviours which can block your ability to receive all that is abundantly available to you – from love to friends to money to joy to travel… get the idea!



If you are interested in claiming support around beliefs that are holding you back from claiming the life that you desire, hit me up for a chat! I am available for complimentary discovery calls to look into how I can support you in creating and realising your life goals. You get one shot at this life; why not get supported in getting the most out of it!?

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