It’s International Woman’s Day and today I would like to invite you to be more YOU.

I like to run my life intuitively. If something feels good, I pursue it. If it doesn’t, I don’t. It has taken me some time to get to this place and it required me to re-programme, re-imagine and re-design much of what I was taught one ‘should’ do.

My work as a coach and my own continued personal growth is all about re-programming conditioned beliefs and behavioural habits so that we can be more of our true authentic self in the world and less a puppet of conditioning and programming. It’s about finding YOUR way of doing life, relationships, business etc. Our parents, society, coaches, peers may tell us their way. Some may even demand you do it their way. And sometimes we do it because we don’t know better or we don’t have that sense of self to trust and know ‘our’ way. And that’s the work – to commit to finding your way.

I’ve spent years redefining how I desire to do life. My husband and I are committed to redefining how we do relationship and parenting. The last couple of years I’ve been redefining how I run a business (and it’s not the way I was taught, I can tell you that!).

We each need to find our own way.

I believe we need to commit to identifying what we do and think that isn’t really ‘us’ and choose to connect with who we are, what we value and what feels good for us and bravely do that instead.

You being you is beautiful. The authentic, vulnerable, real you is so attractive. Your energy becomes magnetic, drawing in all that you desire in a really beautiful, easy way. You don’t need to follow the crowd or prove yourself – that energy isn’t real and others feel that.

It’s very brave to commit to being more you and on International Women’s Day that is my invitation to you. How could you be more you, today?

Love Katie x

Founder of The School of Self Love

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