When I decided enough is enough, I am going to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to meet my guy, the Universe heard me.

I remember so much about that time.

I remember feeling embarrassment that I actually had to set the intention to get support to meet my guy. I judged myself because I thought I should be able to do it alone. Surely there was something wrong with me that I needed help to find love which surely is the most natural thing in the world!? And it is….(read on).

I felt ashamed that I was teaching/coaching women to love themselves and that self love was THE KEY to calling in your heart’s desires…..but I was single and my desire was to be in a relationship. That felt professionally humiliating!

I loved myself and my life and I was proud of what I had created for myself in terms of how I felt about myself and my lifestyle….but something was massively amiss. All I knew, all the tools I applied, all the self-coaching I did, nothing seemed to work.

I just could not call him in and that made me feel so sad and defeated.

I was SOOOOO ready to share myself and my life with someone. I wanted a partner in crime. I had this sense that together we would be a powerful force. I didn’t want to plan one more holiday on my own or spend one more night on the couch in my PJ’s with Netflix. I wanted someone to cuddle me, make love to me, ravish me, hold my hand and walk with me. 

Life has eyes and ears! When I set the intention that I would do ANYTHING to call him in, miracles happened.

I knew that there was something within me that was blocking him coming in. Something that was so familiar to me that I couldn’t see it as a repelling or blocking energy. I needed someone else to shine a light on that for me, remove my ‘blinkers’ and help me heal. I also needed someone else to hold my vision for me when I doubted, to challenge me when I pushed back, to remind me how beautiful and loveable I was.

I set the intention for that support to come in and BOY did the Universe deliver!

The energy of my desire rippled out and what came back to me was a miracle. The PERFECT support in the form of two coaches and two coaching groups landed in my lap. Yep….I didn’t just hire one coach, I hired two. Oh, and I booked a retreat in Mexico too. All with the same intention. I was THAT determined to call in my man. AND, I not only had the support of expert coaches, I had a team of women who were right behind me and my desire. Many people were rooting for me, holding me accountable and wanting to see me succeed.

It’s hard to put into words how a group can magnify and amplify the momentum of manifestation!

Here’s the thing….our desires ARE MEANT FOR US. The natural flow of life is that we feel a desire and then we receive it. The gestation between the conceiving of the desire and the birth of the desire will be dependant on what we believe (about the desire, ourselves, others, societal perceptions and a myriad of other influencers). The gestation time and effort will be influenced by our thoughts.

As soon as I said yes to myself and invested in support (because I was unapologetic about my desire) EVERYTHING shifted.

I became a man magnet within a few weeks. It was incredible how men suddenly wanted to be around me. I enjoyed the attention too! In 9 months (oh the irony of that time frame!) I met James. Two years later to the day were were married in Bali (which is another miraculous manifestation story for another time).

A couple of weekends ago I sat at our breakfast table crying. James and our three kids looked at me in shock, wondering what was wrong. I said I was crying tears of happiness. I felt SO FREAK’N lucky to be sat having eggs and coffee, watching the kids giggle and eat pancakes while James told them off for overdoing it with the syrup. The noise, mess, laughter and general breakfast chaos was my idea of HEAVEN. And in that moment I connected with the truth that I CREATED IT.

When we choose love we are met with love.

I chose to love myself enough to do whatever it would take to allow myself to have my heart’s desire. And BOOM!

Today I am SO grateful that I am married to the love of my life. He makes me smile and laugh so much and I feel 100% supported by him every single day (except when he gets over excited with knocking out walls in the house and I find myself living on a building site!).

We are building a house, a business and a life together – for that I am eternally grateful.

I want to help a small group of women to meet their soul mates so I have a very special offer for just FOUR women.

I am packaging up my best support and resources for four women and I am discounting it all by 50%.

If you would like to know more, just send me a message : katie@theschoolofself.love or CLICK HERE to arrange a call with me.

This is a VERY special and limited offer and if you have read this far, I have hunch it’s for you.

I am excited at the idea of helping you meet your man because he is waiting for you to clear the path to him!

Katie xx

Founder of The School of Self Love and Author of ‘The Self-Love Affair – A Woman’s Guide To A Daring & Mighty Life’

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