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I thought I’d create a special six-part Summer Series entitled “Connect to your Spirit” because one of the biggest questions I get asked is, “What can I do as a regular practice to connect to my Spirit?” This special series of posts aims to give you some tips on how to do just that.

There is an invisible force of loving energy that is always working on our behalves. I call it my Spirit (and sometimes my Soul) but it has so many names: it can be called your Inner Guide, your Muse, your Intuition, that Little Voice Inside etc. etc. Your Spirit is the voice of your Authentic Self, your True Self. And in being in connection with it, we allow ourselves to feel inspiration, to be guided to follow our true paths and live authentically. When we are led by our Spirit, which is our Truth, we can realise our life’s purpose. If only we would listen…

There are many ways in which we can invite our Spirit into our lives and one powerful way to develop your relationship with your Spirit is through Stream of Consciousness Journal Writing.

So often we forget the beautiful truth that we have help on our sides – that our answers are within us – and so we get stuck in negative thought patterns. Stream of consciousness journaling can help us to open up to the Truth that we are loved (indeed, that we ARE love) and through it we can enable our intuition speak to us.

It is important when journaling that you allow yourself the freedom to write (and I do mean hand-write if possible as the connection is so much more direct) whatever comes to your mind. In journaling, you are breaking down subconscious barriers that might hinder your free thought. In many ways journaling can be viewed as a download where you brain-dump onto the page. Perhaps you write down your fears or your frustrations; your thoughts and desires; your reflections and emotions; those things that you are grateful for – whatever you like! Don’t worry about re-reading and editing as you go, just get it down on paper. I would recommend that you not show your journal to anyone. That way you can be conscious and clear about what you write and will avoid the need to self-censor out of fear.

Whilst writing, you may begin to feel some creativity flowing through your pen – some people notice that their handwriting actually changes when they find themselves in creative flow, in inspiration – in spirit – when their spirit is speaking.

Stream of conscious journaling can really connect you to some divine guidance and Truth. It can give you the answers, ideas or resolutions you are looking for and sometimes even the answers that you were not looking for but that are ultimately the ones you need in that moment.

In connection with your Spirit, journaling can help you to keep on emotional track, to get more creative, to discover your best self, to enable you to give yourself love and develop more self-confidence, to make a directory of things that make you feel good, to dream your dreams that they may manifest.

I encourage you to grab a journal and open up the dialogue between yourself and your True Spirit. I hand-on-heart believe that journaling will help you to realign your thoughts with love and awaken yourself to the voice within.


Big Love,

Katie x

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