Ignite Your Spark

Katie Phillips in hat

“Katie, what do you want?”



I didn’t need to think about it. I had the text book answer ready to shoot straight back.


“Intelligent, caring, inspirational, honorable, trustworthy, loving, spiritual, gorgeous ….!”


Then I waited for the typical sarcastic response that I have become used to -“You don’t want much, do you!”


Instead he said, “Is that all?”


I sat back in shock and waited eagerly for what was coming next…..


“Don’t you want a spark? Something that burns forever? Electricity!”



Well, hell yeah! Of-course!


As I sit here on my Greek Island sun-bed, pondering that conversation, the infamous quote from ‘A Course in Miracles’ comes to mind


“It’s not that we ask for too much. It’s that we ask for too little”


And as I continue to reflect on the conversation (trying desperately not to be distracted by the bulging Speedos sprawled in front of me…..honestly….when will they be banned!!??!!) not only am I acutely aware that at the top of my list of Daring Desires is a lasting intimate relationship that indeed has an inextinguishable spark, but even more than that, that all of my LIFE must be electric. That’s a non-negotiable for me.


Why not?







We are Spirit and as such, we are an energetic presence that cannot be extinguished. Ever.

We are light.

Our choice is to shine bright or allow our Spirit to be dimmed.

(And by the way, I’d light a candle over installing a dimmer switch any day!)
We can choose to allow our light to dim down to a near nothing glow amid a pit of black coals. Or, we can fan the flames of life!
Fan it up, hot and fiery!
White hot!
I don’t know about you, but to simmer through life doesn’t turn me on.
What turns me on are the flames of a life passionately lived.
Flames that lick and sizzle!
A Daring & Mighty life!
Yes, it takes a bit of elbow grease to get those flames-a-lick’n, and there’s a chance of getting burned. But isn’t it worth the effort?
I remember when my life felt dim and I’d lost my spark.
But my light hadn’t gone out completely and I had a fire in my belly that screamed, “Katie, you are meant for more!”
I felt a calling deep inside that urged me to re-connect with my truth.
To get in touch with who I was and what I wanted for my life.
To give myself permission to dream and desire and dare.
I didn’t know how. I just knew I had to. And the right teachers came to me.
Thank God!
Those teachers showed me what was blocking me from claiming the life that I deeply desired. From feeling the way I wanted to feel.
Empowered, happy and free!
There is no way on earth I could have figured that stuff out alone!
What blocked me was unique to me and my life experience; my conditioning and programming. I could have read all the self-help books on the planet and still not figured it out. And, I was fed-up with doing life alone. Unsupported.
You know how sometimes the most profound light-bulb moments also feel SO simple! Do you know why? I believe it’s because your answers are within you and they always have been! No teacher or coach or spiritual guide or woo woo medicine man has YOUR unique answers. What they can do is guide you to your own truth.
So, when you have your ‘a-ha!’ moment you realise you knew it all along. You have always known your purpose. Your desires. Your key to freedom and happiness. Your truth.
Sometimes getting to that truth requires some hand-holding, some 1:1 attention, fierce accountability and of-course the expertise of a guide who knows how to direct you back ‘home’.
I am so grateful to the guides that have come my way through life, helping me to reconnect to what it is that makes life a Daring & Mighty adventure for me. And, I love that I am still on the journey, still working with guides who are several steps ahead of me, supporting me to dig deeper and deeper as I claim my white-hot-passionate-life!
{BTW, may the man that I end up partnering with be braced and ready to join me on this adventure!}
So, my friend, what are you ready for? Where are you at?
Are you burning bright? If you are, high fives to you sista! It’s awesome, isn’t it!
Or, is your dimmer switch stuck on low?
Lady, your life is precious. I know you know it.
If something inside is urging you to stab your stake into the ground and claim your worth, it would be my honour to speak with you.
The last couple of places on my Group Programme, MightyMind 2014, are up for grabs!
If you are ready to turn up the heat on your life I would love to be on your team. So do get yourself on a call with me. I can’t wait to speak to you!
In the meantime, sending you loads of white-hot love!
Katie x


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