It’s time to Play Big

In part six of our eight-part Winter Series entitled, “Love Yourself Wealthy,” I want you to think about how you might be keeping yourself small and encourage you to play a bigger game in life.

Playing a bigger game means setting your own worth and loving yourself enough to believe that you can achieve anything you want in life. It’s risky thinking about life’s bigger game isn’t it? We might instantly think, ‘what if I fail?’ but what if you do not begin? If you do not begin to think big, then you are in exactly the same position as you would be if you had tried and failed but with a lot less opportunity for learning.

I am playing a bigger game at the moment as next week I fly to Miami to graduate from a high level coaching certification programme and I have gifted myself an Upper class ticket! This is not simply a permission piece; my own self-worth has skyrocketed through this decision and that is because in the past, this simply would not have been an option for me because I believed that Business Class was just for other people! But I began to question this. If it makes such a difference to me, then why was Business Class for other people and not me? I needed to become aware of my own worth and value to be able to gift myself with these flights. In short, I decided to play bigger.

Permission to take up space


Keeping yourself small can manifest in many ways but nearly all of them arise from a lack of a sense of value and self-worth. For example: do you ever pretend not to know anything; be self-deprecating to make others feel more comfortable; make excuses for your authentic self;  put your own needs on the “maybe later when I can find the time” pile. But if we were to drop that struggle and tap in to that inner-knowing deep down of what our own greatness looks like, there is a different, bigger life to be lived.

Setting your own value applies to your own business and wealth potential too of course. It is so important to set your own value in terms of your own capacity to receive wealth. Other people will generally only mirror what you believe of yourself. Believe that your work and business are valuable and others will believe in your value too and you will charge for that value and receive it. Don’t limit yourself based on what others might charge or how you perceive that others might think of you. Instead of looking to outside factors, think about how things feel from the inside. Be unapologetic about what is true for you and value your services accordingly.

seek you own worth

Learning to live from a place of true value and self-worth is a real game-changer. If you would like support in putting your own value at the forefront of your life, I am available for complimentary discovery calls to look into how I can support you in creating and realising your life goals. The work I do with women is very much about looking at beliefs that are holding you back from claiming the life that you desire. If you are interested in claiming support in this area, do jump on the phone with me. You are worth it.

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