Finding Love After 40 – Lush Love Podcast

Dating is different after 40. 

Whether you’ve been in love before or not (or are not sure), you’ve likely seen and experienced enough to know what you don’t want. And as you get clear on what it is you do want in a relationship, you may be left with the question on how to get it. Dating has changed. Relationship styles have evolved. 

Andrea and I ponder all of this on her ‘Lush Love’ Podcast. 


Key topics from this episode include:

🔥 How I help women who feel love isn’t possible for them.

🔥 How acknowledging and allowing your desire to be in relationship is the first step to discovering what’s been blocking you to that love. 

🔥 The deep work can feel scary but it’s also liberating and exciting! 

🔥 Being witnessed in your healing process will speed it up!

🔥 The inner work is fun, joyful and a privilege. 

🔥 The investment in you is a gift to your future partner and relationship. 

🔥 Yes! There are men doing this work too! 

🔥 How to recognise your person when they turn up. 

🔥 Busting the myth, ‘you’ll know when you know’. 

🔥 When you meet your person, the work really begins … and it’s easier when you’ve done your inner work first. 


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With love,

Katie xx 

Women’s Empowerment Coach & 

Founder of The School of Self Love

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