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I work with women who are achieving awesome things and yet they are not happy.

They have reached a point in their life that has them stop and question what it’s all about.

They have achieved all they set out to and are asking themselves, “what now!?”

This is what I hear them say:

“I have never listened to my feelings and now I am overcome by them and don’t know how to handle it.”

“I am motivated by fear of failure – I simply cannot stuff up.”

“I care so much about what others think.”

“I ignore that voice inside that says ‘there must be another way’ and I push on while thinking ‘I just have to try harder!’”

“I am successful but I feel like my soul has been destroyed in the process. I don’t know who I am.”

“I am a liar – I show up as if everything is so great but it’s not. Inside I am dying and I don’t understand why or what to do about it. I just know I am meant for more than this.”

Today I read a passage in ‘The Heroine’s Journey’ (by Maureen Murdock) and wanted to share it with you because I have a feeling you are going to get it :

“For the last 30 years, women have been working in situations that for the most part are defined and run by men…. Working long hours and focusing on profits to the exclusion of personal relationships is the rule, not the exception. When a woman begins to feel a sense of “what is all of this for?” she’d better not mention it to her boss or co-workers. Until very recently there have been few models for women who have chosen to say “stop, it’s time for me to make some new choices.” The women who are doing that now are travelling unchartered waters.”


What happens when a woman is vulnerable enough to listen to her inner wisdom and makes the decision to journey within and get to know herself better rather than taking on another project?

In the Heroine’s Journey, Maureen says:

“There is a feeling of emptiness, of somehow not measuring up by following the obvious career path to advancement. There is a fear of disappointing others, letting them down, destroying their image of who they think you are. But there is also a strength in saying no, in being self protective, in listening to one’s authentic voice, in silencing the inner tyrant.”

While reading this book I felt driven to support women immediately who are feeling as if they are ready to embark on a journey to knowing themselves more deeply.

I was once that woman.

A force within me knew it was time to give up the victim story and take my life into my own hands.

It felt heroic and yet crazy.

I needed a role model to demonstrate that I wasn’t insane and that getting to know who I was wasn’t indulgent.

I needed to hear the truth that it is courageous and requires immense discipline and dedication.

Choosing to be the heroine of my life changed me and my experience of the world forever and I have never looked back.

Time for some honesty!

Yes, the journey was full of extreme discomfort.

Yes, I was worried about what people would think when I realised I was about to marry the wrong man and cancelled my wedding 3 months out.

Yes, I wondered if I was insane to waste 15 years of work experience to start on a brand new career track in personal development.

The good news!

I went from mourning my life to experiencing the liberation of honouring my inner truth.

For me, nothing was more valuable, more fulfilling or more luxurious than embarking on a crusade for inner peace.

Surely nothing else matters?

And I discovered that the people I loved most got the best version of me and I inspired them.


Who Said It Had To Be A Choice?

This is a free training call on 18th March @ 8pm for women who are ready to begin their own inner quest.

I will NOT be telling you to give up your career!

And I will not be telling you how to live your life.

What I will do is shine a light on what you could be feeling so that you may begin to get a sense of why you feel the way you do, how you are no different to so many other women and what you could do to begin to feel more satisfied and purposeful.

I desire to be a role model for you because even in 2015, the journey to self-love is still unchartered territory.

The world needs more women to step into their power. To listen to that small but powerful voice inside that says you are meant for more.

In order to be of service to you, I will give you an hour of my time to share what I know and to answer your questions live on the call.

On the call you will:

* Learn how to be the heroine of your life;

* Discover that hitting rock bottom or having a health scare is not a prerequisite to an awakening;

* Find out that your self-worth is more than making other people happy;

* Unveil what behaviours are keeping you numb and stuck;

* Realise that feeling lost, chaotic and unsatisfied can actually be a really good thing!

Join me @ 8pm on Wednesday 18th March – CLICK HERE

Sometimes we all need to know we are part of something larger and I can assure you that the self-love movement is just that.

You are not alone. There will be women on this call who totally get it. They are truth seekers, just like you.

It is my purpose and passion to guide women back to themselves. I believe there is nothing more meaningful or more liberating.

I look forward to having you on the call.

Big love,
Katie xx

PS. If you resonate with anything above then I urge you to jump on this call and allow me to be of service to you. You may take pages of notes from the training or just one line that will help you to re-define who you are and what you desire for your life. Are you worth the time to listen?

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