{LOVE NOTE} The ONLY Route To Healing.

Feeling is the route to healing. 


This week I invested in some deep healing with a Shaman I’ve worked with previously and I was reminded experientially of the power of gifting ourselves time and space to feel.

If you have been following me for some time you know that I bang on and on and on about the idea that we must feel our way through every obstacle and challenge. We cannot think ourselves through – the mind is where most of our obstacles originate! 

We must learn to feel.

I say ‘learn’ because most of us have learned to think and do. The feminine art of being and feeling is something most of us women have to train in. It’s something I have become both a pro at and am still very much a student with. Every new level of my personal growth invites me to learn to be with my feelings and allow them even more. 

Something I’ve come to experience and know is that not all feelings can be understood. Some are not even from this lifetime (ooh…I went a bit ‘woo woo’ there, didn’t I!). Our masculine energy wants to understand and attribute feelings to things / people / experiences but sometimes a feeling is just a feeling and we are simply invited to allow it. Again, this is a feminine superpower.

I’m keeping today’s message simple and its intention is to serve as a reminder to you (because we can’t be reminded enough of this). 

Here’s some ‘notes to self’ around feelings >>

Give yourself permission.

Give yourself time.

Give yourself safe space.

Your feelings – all of them – are valid.

They all desire to be acknowledged. 

They are not good or bad. 

You will survive them.

You will emerge on the other side of them changed. 

The acknowledgement and allowing of them IS your route to FREEDOM.

Today I invite you to love yourself enough to FEEL.

If you desire support in this aspect of your life, send me a message and let me know what’s going on for you so that I can suggest what we have here at The School of Self Love to support you.

You got this.

With all the loving feels,

Katie xx

PS. Your Spirit communicates through feeling too – so if you want to feel more connected to your true, authentic, soulful self, you gotta connect to those feelings. There’s gold there! 

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