How do I change my sabotaging beliefs?

Beliefs like these are blocking you to calling in love: 

I’m frightened to be in a relationship.

I am not interesting or fun.

I am not beautiful to keep the attention of a man.

I am too old. 

I have too much baggage.

We sabotage potential relationships, opportunities and beautiful experiences by staying stuck in fear, scarcity or pain. 

If you live with this kind of negative self talk on a daily basis, I invite you to create affirmations that illuminate the possibilities for you; the polar opposite to the words you hear in your head.

For example, if you’re scared to be in a relationship (and it’s worth being specific here and thinking about your unique childhood and life experiences to date), then ask yourself – what is frightening about being in a relationship? Or, how does it make you feel to believe that you’re frightened to be in a relationship?

Ask yourself how you desire to feel instead?

What do you need to believe to feel safe and excited about being in a relationship?

Creating an affirmation is the perfect next step. For example, “I feel safe with my man”.

Flip your questions and turn them into affirmations:

  • My man thinks I’m incredibly interesting and loves how fun I am.
  • My man finds me incredibly desirable and sexy. 
  • My man is so grateful for my wisdom and life experience.
  • I have a tapestry of life experience and have learned, healed and evolved enormously which is very attractive to my man.

Doing the inner work is key to creating beliefs that support you in having what you want. It also means you have more to give; more patience, more love, more kindness. There’s so much potential and possibility when you step away from fears and scarcity and into love and abundance. 

Sure, it takes work to choose new thoughts and to rewire the mind – it may not happen overnight, but it will happen.


Katie xx

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