How do I write a vision?

No matter what you desire to call in, a vision is crucial. 

The key to creating a successful vision is to ALLOW it to be REVEALED to you. 

It’s key to remember that writing a vision is a feminine energy practice and experience which can’t be forced nor pushed into a set timeline. You have to FEEL into it; to intuitively connect with your truth and your spiritual self. To hear the whispers of your heart. To feel into your deep, core desires and communicate from that place. 

I invite you to bring your vision to life, so that it feels like a living, breathing creature.

It’s an energy that’s alive.

It’s not a job or a task, it’s so much more powerful than that.

Your desires are real and meant for you.

As soon as you feel your desire, it’s done.

So often we allow our disempowered masculine and our ego to get in the way.

But your desires are the truth of your soul. 

Allow the creation of your vision to be a truly feminine practice. 

RECEIVE your vision, don’t DO your vision!

You have this beautiful gift of being able to keep adding to it. 

It’s expansive and will grow and evolve with you.

I want you to receive the inspiration of your vision and allow it to come through you.

This beautiful new vision is being birthed.

Give yourself permission to have the desire.

Release it onto paper.

It’s precious.

Just like a newborn baby you must protect it, nurture it, love it.

It’s so special, so tender; vulnerable and precious.

It’s the truth of your heart.

Allow your vision to become.

Allow it to reveal all facets and characteristics of itself to you.

Get curious… 

What could it become?


Katie xx

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