How I gift myself

With Christmas coming, I got to thinking about how we women gift ourselves. We all have different values and desires so naturally we enjoy spending on different things. 

9. I  am significantly financially supported on a regular basis_1

Whether that be a new car, a new pair of shoes, the more expensive meal on the menu or a cab ride when our feet hurt from walking in said new shoes…! 

We tend to give ourselves permission to have what we place a value on.

Being totally transparent with you as always, my highest values include:

* Support
* Trust
* Freedom
* Self-development (personal / spiritual / business)
* Time
* Inner Peace

With that in mind, it is a no brainer that I have invested in support in the arena of self-development over the last few years and will continue to do so.

That is one of the most valuable gifts I could give myself. 

self love = freedom


With private coaching I am giving myself a gift and that gift is the time and space and support of an expert who can help me evolve to my next level. 

A few years ago my next level was moving away from a highly co-dependent, drama-fuelled relationship and into a beautiful self-loving relationship with me!

Next month I will be graduating from a 12 month Coaching and Business Academy and MasterMind which has taken my self-belief and business to an incredible new level (I will be sure to share graduation pics soon!).

Both examples above were my gift to me. They were both a significant investment and I took the leap of faith because I knew in my gut I was meant for more and I went for it. And, in my truly Daring & Mighty way, I gave it my 150% with a ‘no-matter-what-I-am-having-this’ attitude. From that place, success was guaranteed!


you are free


As an ever evolving Spirit, I know I will ALWAYS be meant for more. I will always be expanding and stretching in new exciting ways so it will always be important to me to hire someone that is several steps ahead of me to take me to my next level. For me it’s the most awesome gift! 

When you give yourself your heart’s desire, something really magical happens. The Universe literally shifts around you and you are able to sink even more deeply into a fulfilling relationship with yourself. 

The pride and self-worth that is experienced as a result of honouring your desires is transformational. 

I am quite frankly addicted to that feeling! And, I love nothing more than witnessing my clients experience the same lofty levels of pride and self-love!

So what is it about private coaching that lights me up?

Well, it is so luxurious!! It’s all about me! I get to shut off my mobile and laptop, turn off Facebook, ignore the outside world and focus totally on me. I get to BE ME! I get a huge chunk of time dedicated to me, my life, my desires, my pain, my priorities, my purpose.

I have huge dreams and I love to be given the dedicated time and space to explore those and be supported in making it happen. 

I get to receive. I have the full time and attention of the mentor and that feels so spoiling! And deserved 😉



When I pay for this attention there is a different energy to the energy of a chat with a girlfriend. It is setting a really powerful intention that tells the Universe that I am serious about the change I desire and the dreams I intend to create. Don’t get me wrong, I love my girlfriends! But the conversation with a coach is dedicated to me – 100%. For me, there is huge value in that and the Universe responds with magic!

I wonder if you are like me? Do you value having:

* the support and trust of a mentor?
* the freedom to be yourself?
* space to be immersed in your desires?
* time to enjoy some inner peace and connection?
* the accountability and expertise of someone that can show you how to claim what you desire?

If that sounds really exciting to you;
If you are on the look-out for a mentor to take you to your next level;
If you resonate with my message;

Why not jump on the phone with me? On this call you get to decide if:

* you can trust me
* I ‘get’ you
* you feel able to be open and honest with me
* you can be relaxed with me
* I am able to hold you accountable

It is your life! It’s your choice.

If something inside is niggling you to check me out, I would love to speak with you and it won’t cost you a penny. Just your time.


19. Choice is freedom I choose to value myself_19

I get to check you out too! I only work with women who:

* have a no-matter-what attitude!
* are absolutely 100% determined to go to their next level
* value me and the work that I do
* are open to the Spiritual concepts I teach
* value the investment

If it is your time, let’s have a chat.

What is your Christmas gift to yourself this year? Could it be a supported start to a new year filled with your deepest desires?
Big Love,

Katie xx

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