How you can be of greater contribution to the world!

I speak to so many women who tell me they want to have a greater impact on the world.

For some, that means simply showing up more authentically and with more love and patience for their family and friends.

For others it means making change on a global scale.

Whatever it is, they all agree they have been put on this planet to do something special and they so desire to get cracking!

Get to know yourself first!

Impacting the world – either within your own community or on a global level – starts with you.

You have got to know who you are and really appreciate, respect and love that woman. When you have deep compassion and love for yourself, then you can offer that to the people you desire to impact the most.

That may sound simple and yet the journey back to you is, I believe, the most heroic and brave.

There is nothing more confronting or more terrifying . There is also nothing more liberating and fulfilling.

I love meeting women who are ready to know themselves. They are often so scared but it has become such a non-negotiable to finally, once and for all, know the person that lives inside her skin that she is almost feverish with excitement.

She is ready to slay the dragon!

She desires to know herself as something other than the nasty thoughts in her head.

To know herself as something more than tough life experiences or bad memories.

To know herself as a spiritual, connected, enlightened being and not just a body shape that she beats up on.

She is ready to transform her life so that she can be a massive contribution to the world because she knows, deep inside, that is why she is on this earth.

Her vision to BE THAT WOMAN is so clear that it ignites a determination of white heat within her that propels her forward, blasting through her fears around how her life might change as a result of new self-awarenesses and honing her sight on the reality that her life will probably, ultimately, change for the better.

Transform Your Dreams

I was that woman. I still am!

I get SO excited for women on this journey! I totally get it. Creating a lifestyle where loving yourself is the modus operandi is awesome. It means you can be of greater service and if you read my newsletters, then I have a feeling that YOU totally get it too!

So, my message today is to remind you that if you desire to be more in the world and to add more to our planet, then you have to start with you.

Transform you first.

The rest will flow with so much ease and love. You will be so on purpose when you start with self-love.

Big love,
Katie xx

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