Kill the terrorist (in your skull)!

I was speaking with a lady last week and she referred to her negative chatter as the ‘terrorist’ in her head. I thought that was a brilliant definition of the ego mind.

Today I thought I’d share my TOP TIP to kill off that terrorist in your skull. Let’s do it with LOVE!

“What would self-love say?”

When your mind starts beating you up with everything that you can’t do or didn’t do or how you are going to fail or be rejected or whatever it is that you say to beat up on yourself, then ask yourself the question, “What is a loving thought instead?”


You can choose to allow your mind to run away with itself and tell you things that make you feel really horrible.


You can work that mental muscle and take back your power and CHOOSE your thoughts.

where is my mind

Here’s your new 3 step process to quit the negative spin:

  1. Notice yourself thinking mean things. You will probably notice that you are FEELING BAD first. Notice the feelings and then investigate the thoughts that are causing those feelings. What were you thinking right before you started feeling that particular way?
  2. STOP. Say to yourself, “Enough!”. Say it out loud and with real assertiveness if you have to. “Enough!”. Then, forgive yourself for the nasty thoughts (they are conditioned and unconscious so you are not to blame) and consciously choose a thought that will serve you. A thought that is loving and kind.
  3. Create a Mantra! Make the new, loving thought your mantra for the day. If you discovered you had been telling yourself that you are bad, your mantra could be, “I am good!”. If you were telling yourself you don’t know anything or are stupid, your mantra could be, “I do know. I am wise!”. You get the idea. Flip the thought and create a new story to believe – one that will serve you, have you feel good and take you where you want to go in life.

Re-Wire Your Mind!

I urge you to get clarity about what you desire to believe about yourself and your life.

Self-Love means taking responsibility for your beautiful mind.

Love your mind enough to choose loving thoughts. It will take practice (hence the self responsibility) but you CAN DO IT.

Women who are able to master their mind can master their life.

The simple 3 -step process I have shared with you today is a brilliant first step so please do put it into action! Watch your vibration raise as a result and witness how the Universe will re-arrange around you to attract in beautiful, loving opportunities too.

Big love,
Katie xx

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