Seven Steps To Self-Love! (1st Step To Self Love)

Woo Hoooooo!! SUMMER is here.

Can you believe it’s July already!?

Half a year behind us and it makes me look at what I have achieved.

Ahem….it also has me notice what I haven’t achieved.

I notice where I have played small and how I have stayed stuck in any old beliefs. That can feel a bit blaaahhh.

Now that we have hit the 2015 half-way mark, do you know what the Self-Loving thing to do next is?


Yep! You still have 6 months left in this year so you get to choose to make the most of it. It’s NOT TOO LATE to make this year really count.

So, with that in mind, I’m going to share with you 7 fun steps to loving yourself and making the rest of this year more sparkly.

Negative chatter, self doubt, caring what others think and struggle are SO YESTERDAY. Let’s go forward together.

 Self Love Book

I consulted by bible….I mean, my book!

I was thinking of YOU when I sat down to write today and I wondered, what do you need to know to make the rest of your year AWESOME!?

I closed my eyes and held my book and allowed it to open on the page that is meant for you (yes….I am woo woo and this is how I often make decisions….).

I was guided to the chapter called ‘Self-Love’ which gives 7 exercises on how to love yourself more. So I am going to share these 7 ways that you can love yourself more over the next 7 weeks:

1. Congratulate yourself

2. Practice the art of receiving

3. Gather evidence

4. Love your wondrous body

5. Love your beautiful mind

6. Love your delightful inner child

7. Love your spectacular spirit

Self Love Freedom

Step 1: Congratulate Yourself!

How easy do you find it to congratulate yourself?

How often do you only notice what you get WRONG!?

So many women are in the habit of focussing on what they haven’t achieved and the women I work with tend to be really high achievers – the bar is SO high that they are essentially setting themselves up for defeat.

They are awesome but they can’t see it because they are motivated by the belief, ‘I am not good enough’.

Your homework today is to take some time out to look at what you HAVE achieved over the last 6 months. I would like you to appreciate yourself.

Self-recognition is a big part of what it means to love yourself.

Praising yourself lifts up your spirits. Criticising yourself is self abuse and it literally breaks your spirit.

Choose today to praise yourself and write a list of AT LEAST 20 things you have achieved this year.

Get conscious to just how fabulous you are.

You are allowed to write ANYTHING! Consider:

* where have you overcome limiting beliefs?

* when have you applied new and more loving behaviours?

* what decisions have you made that have been authentic and self-loving?

* how have you put yourself first?

* what have you done to love your body, your mind and your spirit ?

* how have you shown your children that they are loved and supported?

* how have you been a good friend?

Feel free to share anything that you would like to celebrate in the Self-Love Hubb (my private Facebook group for women who desire to love themselves more).

I urge you to make a habit of celebrating yourself. With your focus on all that is wonderful about you, you become a magnet to attract more wonderful opportunities, people and love into your life. It’s universal law!

Big love,
Katie xx

PS. If you desire to overcome the self-sabotaging belief of ‘I am not good enough’, do jump on a complimentary call with me. I offer one hour consultations to discover if coaching with me is the right fit for you – CLICK HERE.

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