{LOVE NOTE} A tool to manage overwhelm, worry and anxiety.

I have always felt alone in the world. I wonder if you can relate?

As a girl, despite being very loved by my family, there was an undercurrent of worry, anxiety and depression so I learned not to rock the boat. I learned to be a good girl and not to make too much of a fuss. When I did (especially as a moody teenager!) it was made very clear to me that I was being difficult. There wasn’t a lot of emotional availability in my household for me to have emotions because my parents were already dealing with so much. So I learned to just get on with things. I learned a state of being that had me internalise and be in the energy of doing life alone.

Even now, with all I have healed and all I know, it’s very easy for me to drop into the mode of feeling like I have to do life alone – a survival mode of sorts – despite being a very loved and well supported woman. My default is to go it alone – again, I wonder if you can relate?

So when I get overwhelmed and anxious from feeling like I am alone in the world, I dive into my Self Love toolbox. Usually that means getting out my journal and choosing to love myself enough to acknowledge how I feel. I write all that I am feeling, without judgement (that’s the key!). We are ALLOWED to feel what we feel and there is always good reason. I choose to love my worry, anxiety, overwhelm and feelings of survival mode. With compassion and awareness I can remember where all that originated. Then I remember that I love me and when I am there for me, I am not alone.

The energy of feeling alone is instantly dissolved when you remember that you are there for you. It’s as if you are two entities – your human self and your spiritual self. With self-love, you hook into your heart (which is your capacity for forgiveness, compassion and love) and engage your spirit. Your spiritual self may then gaze tenderly upon your humanness with understanding and unconditional love. Instantly you are not alone. You are your own best friend. You are there for you.

This intentional act means you are not self abandoning – which is the cause of so much overwhelm, worry and anxiety. You get to take your power back and claim yourself. You have your back and from that place, anything is possible.

When you are coming from your spiritual self, you also remember that you are not alone in the Universe and that everything is designed to support you. You are secure, safe and loved. You are connected – internally and externally. It’s hard to feel alone when you hook into this truth!

So, if you ever feel alone, I invite you to :

1. Acknowledge your feelings by writing them in your journal;
2. Choose self-love and allow your heart to take over so that you may have compassion for yourself;
3. With intention, allow your spiritual self to gaze upon your human self with understanding and unconditional love;
4. Write a vow to yourself – something like, “I am here for me”, “I have got my back”, “I am safe”, “I am not alone, I always have me”;
4. Close your eyes, place your hand on your heart, breathe deeply and slowly, and silently repeat your vow in your mind for a few minutes until your energy shifts and you feel empowered with love and light.

Darling, you are never alone. You always have you and that’s a life long lasting relationship.

Hope this helps.

Love you,
Katie xx
Founder of The School of Self Love

P.S. If you are interested to know more about the Self Love Affair Transformational Process and would like to speak to someone at the School of Self Love about how we can support you, click here. When you click on the link, you will be prompted to answer a few questions. Your answers are important as they help us decide which of our team members will be best for you to speak to.


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