{LOVE NOTE} Are You Good At Relationships?

This past month, the focus in my Evolution Membership group has been money. Everyone in the group would agree that they would like a better relationship with it and that they would like more of it. That said, our explorations on this topic have highlighted what’s really important to each of us and connection to self and others has been at the top of the list.

I recently trained to be a funeral celebrant and next week am conducting a funeral. I met with the grief stricken and courageous family during the week and we spent time talking about the person they lost. There was no conversation about how much money she made or what assets or things she owned. We touched on her career success but even that conversation was largely focussed around how much she loved her work friendships. The focus of our meeting was on how this woman made people feel and how they felt about her. It was about how she was always there for the people she loved. How she gave them honest opinions. How she worried about them. How she would be so dearly missed because she was no longer at the end of the phone or available for a quick pop-in and cuppa.

I believe our connection with others is the most important thing in life.

I have come to know that my connection with the people I love is what has me feel so completely fulfilled. My love for my nearest and dearest is always within me and available to me. I have that love as a resource to share and it’s unlimited. When I tap into this sufficiency of love I feel so abundant and from that energy I receive more abundance into my life.

If we are lucky, one day we will be consciously taking our last breath and able to reflect on the life we lived. I am pretty sure that in that moment, how we loved and were loved will be what we will connect with. I know that will be the case for me.

I believe our ability to love others is enhanced by our ability to love ourself.

I believe our availability to be loved is enhanced by our ability to love ourself too.

The degree to which we are able to fully, vulnerably and completely love and be loved is directly connected to our self love.

That deep sense of self value is then reflected back to us in our day-to-day life in myriad ways.

We are hard wired to connect. It’s why the dopamine hit we get when someone ‘likes’ our social media post is so addictive (and why the masterminds behind those algorithms are raking it in).

We MUST connect to feel alive. It’s a fundamental human need.

We need love and connection to feel of purpose in the world.

So I must ask you, what are you doing to enhance your ability to love and be loved.

How good at relationships are you?

Do you find it easy to receive love?

Do you find it easy to give love?

Do you have a healthy flow of love to, through and from you?

For a long, long time, I was NOT good at relationships and I lacked heathy love in my life. My intimate relationships were full of drama and my friendships were full of competition and judgement.

I had to learn to love, value and appreciate myself. As a result, I am getting really, really good at relationships. I love practicing how to connect and be in relationships in the most heathy and fulfilling way. It’s become somewhat of a passion of mine.

What was once my Achilles heel is now my greatest joy.

The School of Self Love has SO much on offer to support you in getting better at loving yourself so that you are able to give and receive love with ease.

If you would like some guidance on where to begin, just hit reply to this email and perhaps I can point you in the right direction. Maybe that will even be a conversation with me to get the ball rolling.

I so desire for you to experience a depth of connection with yourself and others that has you feel proud of your life. After-all, we only get one shot.

You are worth it.

Love you loads,

Katie xx

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