{LOVE NOTE} Are You Living Your Best Life?

I’ve just returned from a whirlwind 4 day trip to New York City with my 12 year old son.

While I was there I connected with an old friend who said to me, “it’s so great to see you living your best life and sounding so vibrant”. 

Words like that mean the world to me because its a reflection evidencing the tangible rewards that self love brings.

For me, self love means living consciously, connectedly and courageously. It means valuing yourself enough to breathe life into your heart’s desires, knowing that you are always co-creating with life. The ‘work’ is to overcome anything limiting or sabotaging you to receiving those desires. Whether that be guilt or shame or any number of self sabotaging habits of behaviour and thought.

It’s the work of the brave.

The women I coach are brave. They are determined to live their best life and I’m determined to support and guide them as they do. I’m their healer and their cheer leader. And I do it by example because I’m always in the work.

I think that being human requires acts of bravery every single day.

Whether it’s holding it together when totally lost on the New York Subway! Or choosing to believe you are worthy of the love or money or career fulfilment you so desire (despite deep conditioning that’s wrongly informed you otherwise).



Every day you are being invited by life to step up and be brave.

Perhaps the act of courage life is asking of you is a personal mastery piece or a bold decision or an act of deep vulnerability. The invitation might be a gentle and loving nudge or a slap across the face – often our biggest growth and evolution starts with a jolting wake up call. I wonder if you can relate, << Test First Name >>?

It’s up to you to respond to the call and be brave.

I overcame a lot just to make this trip with my son happen. From guilt around ‘leaving the rest of our family behind’ to the ‘judgement from others’ for the same reason to ‘selfishly spending money’ to ‘getting to the airport on time’ nerves! The extreme daily joy, bonding and connection with my son was beyond worth it. I was also ticking my highest values of family, travel and adventure so using the challenges to overcome as personal teaching pieces and opportunities for growth was a no-brainer.

My trip to New York was SO MUCH MORE than a holiday.

I was invited to take a stand for my desires yet again which strengthened my self-trust and self-belief.

I was invited into open, honest and vulnerable conversations which deepened relationships and up-levelled my self-confidence in speaking my truth with love.

I noticed old money beliefs surface that no longer served me and was able to lovingly release their hold over me.

And so much more.

Every day I choose to love myself in every thought, action and emotion. And it’s a practice.

How about you?

May I invite you to be brave?

What might that look like?

And if you’re just not feeling brave today, and can’t summon it, it’s ok. I get it. So I invite you lean on my courage and faith and just be gentle with yourself. That’s enough. You got this.

I would love to hear from you. What came up for you as you read today’s Love Note? Hit reply and let me know.

Sending you so much love,
Katie x

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