{Love Note}: I can create anything I desire

Note to self…(because sometimes we all need a reminder!)


Today I would like to remind you of the difference between desire and obligation.


It’s a reminder I have just had in my own life – thanks to a great call with my own coach just now.


I’ve been so busy doing lots of fab stuff – attended Mindvalley’s ‘A-Fest’ in Ibiza followed by attending ‘Mindvalley-U’ in Barcelona and teaching self-love to kids at the ‘Xtraordinary Education Experience’. The last three weeks has been a whirlwind. I am tired. And, I am not particularly well….just haven’t been able to kick a bug because, quite frankly, I am run down and need to sleep!


So, I am not as grounded and connected to ‘me’ as I would like.


This is NOT the place from which to be making big decisions!


I was speaking with my coach about some investments I am considering. As we spoke I could easily identify the intellectual reasons for the investments. I couldn’t as easily identify my desire – which comes from the heart. It’s an experience in the body, from the neck down.


Are you also in the habit of making decisions from the neck up!?


I’ve learned that the best decisions come from connecting into my body and listening to my Spirit. A decision that comes from that place of desire is supported by the Universe. The resources required come in easily. It just flows.


A decision made from the head is often fueled by obligation, a fear of missing out, caring what others will think etc etc and often the resources needed to bring it into place don’t come as easily. Or, they require a push.


Pushing is so hard.


When we are in desire, we are surrendered, relaxed and able to receive with grace.


So, today I would like to remind you – as I myself have just been reminded – that you truly can create anything when it comes from the heartfelt space of desire.


So….what do you desire? And, what are you doing in your life that feels like an obligation?


Love Lots,
Your Self-Love Coach, Katie xx


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