{Love Note} I can trust my process

Note to self…(because sometimes we all need a reminder!)


The degree to which you desire to be extraordinary and do life differently is the degree to which you will need to dig deep to uncover wounds and heal.


The higher you go, the deeper you must dig.


To expand into more requires you to challenge anything that has stopped you going there in the past.


To break through the ceiling of how you experience life now into a new and higher dimension of experience requires exactly that, a BREAK THROUGH.


You will be challenged and stretched.


You will be required to check out limiting beliefs. You will experience fear and be tasked with seeing life with love instead. You will be called to heal past traumas.


Your assignment is to heal.


You will dig deep. With every layer you peel back and heal, you will incrementally move forward into your new experience of life.


Life knows what you are ready for. Sometimes the pain experienced as you heal is excruciating. The growth and transformation is then huge and you will take leaps and bounds forward. Sometimes the healing is so so subtle and so is the transformation.


Trust that you will experience what you are ready for!


You may have times of doubt that you can ever heal. You may think you can’t change your life because you are damaged somehow. Perhaps a better way of experiencing life just isn’t for you.


You may feel like it’s all too hard and you want to give up.


This is normal! Be kind and patient with yourself.  Keep going. Surrender. Have faith.


Trust your process!


You ARE meant for more and you are meant to feel healed.


The truth of you is beautiful and perfect.  You are not your thoughts or feelings or life experiences or wounds. You are a perfect Spiritual being and you are on the path to remembering that and connecting with that truth. As you come to connect with yourself as a beautiful Spirit of love and light and joy, you will know it to be your truth and this work will all have been worth it.


Self-love is self responsibility. Keep at it!


And, if you need support, you know where I am!


Love Lots,
Your Self-Love Coach, Katie xx


PS. If you would like to know more about Self-Love, check out my Google London TED-X video – “Self-Love = Happiness” – by clicking HERE.


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