{LOVE NOTE & PICS} Self-Love Is So Sexy

Self Love is so sexy

Note to self…


Today’s message is super simple.


When you feel amazing on the inside, you glow.


I know you know it. When you feel confident, in charge of your emotions, happy, positive, fulfilled and on purpose…..well, you can’t help but smile. Right!?


You hold your body differently – your back is straight, your chest is open and expanded, your head is held high, your eyes glow and you beam the most beautiful smile.


You are gorgeous to be around too. You are magnetic and people are drawn to your open, loving, happy energy.


When you choose to clear out all the low vibrational junk that isn’t serving you on a mental, emotional and physical level then you are choosing to love yourself.


When you are clean and clear, your vibration shifts upwards and you are able to access your deepest wisdom and trust your own inner guidance system which will direct you on a path that has you living your dreams.


That’s what self-love does. Pretty sexy, don’t you think!?


Katie xx


PS. A client of mine took this snap below at the end of a transformational day on retreat in Portugal last week. I love this pic of me because I have just finished a day of ‘work’ and look how open, happy and free I look. When I worked in corporate, I don’t remember ever once looking so great at the end of a days work. Such is the power of self-love and living on purpose!


1st July 2016


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