{Weekly Love Note & Gift!} Weekly Reflections are key to Self-Love

Sunday Reflections

Note to self…


As a consciously aware women that is committed to your personal and spiritual development, you will be evolving and growing at a rapid rate.


It’s SO easy to lose track of all that you have achieved because your life is moving so fast and your growth is exponential.


Our habit is to focus on what we haven’t achieved, our set-backs and how we have dishonoured or sabotaged ourselves, played small or given our power away.


At the end of each week, it’s super important to do a reality check and notice how much you HAVE achieved and how much you HAVE honoured and loved yourself. At the same time, you can notice where you didn’t honour yourself and with love and compassion, put yourself back on track for the week ahead.




* EVERYTHING is progress. The smallest steps towards loving yourself count!

* EVERY DAY is an opportunity for a new start. Infact, every single minute offers a chance to press ‘control/alt/delete’ and set the intention to restart your day!

* YOU ARE ENOUGH. You are always doing your best and you deserve to be treated with compassion, respect and love – by yourself first!


I invite you to create a new Sunday practice called your SUNDAY REFLECTION.


Your Sunday Reflection is about acknowledging and receiving your weekly growth.


I have created 10 questions for you to ask yourself at the end of every week. Just journal the answers into your diary and enjoy being more deeply and honestly connected to your authentic, beautiful, lovable self! CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR FREE SUNDAY REFLECTIONS QUESTIONNAIRE.


Katie xx


P.S. I would LOVE your feedback on this. When you have completed your first Sunday Reflection, let me know about it over in the Self-Love Hubb – our private Facebook Group!


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