Say I Love You .....

It’s no surprise that on the back of my Grandfather’s death, I am moved to write about expressing love to those dear to you. There is nothing new in this. Ask anyone who has lost someone they love if they had any regrets and often a key response will be not having said all that they wanted to, while they were alive. I do believe that we can heal a lot and say a lot on a Soul level, even after someone has passed, however as we are Spirits having a Human experience, expressing thoughts and feelings in person feels important. I think it’s imperative. I was very very lucky to have had a relationship with my Grandfather that allowed us both to easily express our love for each other. More than that, we were able to verablise our respect, admiration and gratitude for each-other too. Relationships like that are rare. I know how blessed I am. I am grateful that since embarking on a mission to live a Daring & Mighty life, I am able to express love and gratitude to most of my dearest friends and family – some that I had never thought possible before. I must however put my hand on my heart and say that some aren’t so easy, and yet those people are still very imporant to me. So, there is my challenge. No doubt you can relate in some way? I bet most of us have some people – usually family! – which we love (even if that’s challenging at times) and yet can’t find the motivation, let alone the right words, to express to that person how we really feel about them. When all the layers of resentment, anger, jealousy, judgement and unforgiveness are removed, our true feelings are revealed. Often, only in death do we see past all the crap to the truth. Then it’s too late. It brings to mind the ‘Mike & The Mechanics’ lyrics – ‘I just wish I could have told him in the Living Years….’. The thing is, the ability to have these conversations can be really really tough. Equally, living with the guilt or upset after someone has passed of not having the conversations, of not expressing your love, can be even tougher.

So, that is our choice. To say ‘I love you’ now, when our words can be heard and felt in person. Or, to risk never having the chance.

Learning and experiencing understanding, acceptance, compassion and forgiveness is a big journey. Indeed, it is a Daring and lifelong crusade. The rewards are authentic, open and loving relationships. And, a life without regrets. I highly recommend it.

Who can you say, ‘I Love You’ to today?

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