Miracles happen when you are aligned

My neighbour just came to the door. He said his wife would like to buy our couch. Today if possible.

Back story…

Yesterday we had a phone call saying that our new sofa will be delivered tomorrow. It’s MASSIVE. 

We already have a large sofa in our lounge that needs to be sold and removed. Suddenly that became urgent.

My husband has a broken arm so can’t help with any heavy lifting. I am up to my eyeballs with work (in a good way 😉 ) so I’m not available to do much either. 

Honestly, my first reaction was stress. How on earth would we make this happen? I was having visions of massive sofa parts scattered throughout the house and me having to climb over them to get about. Then I connected with my truth and asked myself what I needed. I needed to not be involved and I needed it handled. I felt calm and empowered. I know that when I am connected to my needs in this way, magic happens. 

I created a community WhatsApp group when Lockdown began so I posted a pic of the sofa on there and surrendered. Hence the visit from our neighbour.

Boom. Sold. Easy.

Another story…

I have desired a car for a long time. It has been a topic of conversation for so long but it just wasn’t happening for me. I couldn’t seem to settle on a make / model. I couldn’t decide if it felt good to go second hand or if it had to be brand new. I wasn’t connecting with the investment. The logistics of searching, travelling to viewings etc all felt too much.

So I surrendered. I was clear on my core desire and I trusted the rest would be revealed in the perfect time. 

Honestly, it has taken a long time. 6 months to be precise. I have felt mostly surrendered but I would be lying if I didn’t admit to the occasional frustration and falling out with my husband (his vision and my vision when it comes to cars is very different and let’s just say I can be very picky…). 

And then it happened. James found my car. She is very pretty, in mint condition and exactly perfect for our requirements. The cherry on top is super friendly correspondence with the previous owner who is thrilled his car – affectionately named ‘Vicky’ – has gone to a good home. 

(Our campervan is called Peter and we have a gigantic fern in the lounge called Roger. So Vicky is gonna fit right in here….!)

Despite the wait, the experience of buying Vicky felt easy with a joyful and very aligned outcome. 

I am sharing these recent experiences with you because they highlight the importance of alignment and the faith required to trust that what you desire will come to you in the perfect time.

Alignment is key. Our energy is everything. When our energy is aligned, magical stuff happens.

Connection with our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual self is key to feeling aligned. 

Consciously choosing to heal or remove anything blocking you to feeling that alignment is key to calling in miracles. 

Sure, sometimes what you want doesn’t come straight away but when it eventually does arrive and you have the perspective of retrospect, you can usually see why the wait was important. 

Some women I work with who are calling in their soul mate have instant success. Often their man was right under their nose and our work tweaked their energy in such a way that he was allowed into their lives pretty instantly. For other women, they are still waiting to meet him and their focus right now is on practicing surrender and having faith that he will come at the perfect time.

I waited 8 years for James. He was worth it. The alignment and self love that was developed in that time brought me a profound sense of pride that is hard to put into words and James was the cherry on top. 

I believe that our alignment with ourselves is the key to happiness and the route to miraculous manifestations. 

To be clear, while I was single 8 years, I only started to really step into alignment 9 months before I met James. Alignment is where the magic happens. And that’s the work I am now supporting women with. 

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