Everyone Deserves Soul Shaking Love

I want to share another interview I did with another Love Coach when I was single! 

‘Everyone deserves soul shaking love’ was an episode from my ‘Daring & Mighty Podcast’ in January 2016, just before Valentine’s Day.

At that time I was greedily eating up all and any tips I could find on how to meet my soul mate. I was so READY to call him in (or so I thought …. but that’s another story for another time) that I was doing everything in my power to get clued up because quite frankly, the secret to meeting him alluded me.

Listen here: https://selflove.libsyn.com/everyone-deserves-soul-shaking-love-an-interview-with-love-coach-nicole-moore

So, I interviewed Celebrity Love & Relationship Coach, Nicole Moore. Nicole has an unwavering belief that everyone deserves amazing soul shaking love and connection and that everyone is worthy of true love. She is a massive advocate of Self-Love and believes that when we love ourselves we will attract our soul mate.

This 40 minute Podcast is absolutely for the single gal looking for her life partner!! It’s also full if amazing nuggets for women in relationship who are looking for deeper happiness and fulfilment.

We discussed:

  • how to love yourself
  • why self-love is crucial to a happy, fulfilling relationship
  • how loving yourself is key to finding your life partner
  • how to manifest your soul mate
  • where you have lost your power around relationship

Many say the secret to finding and keeping your man is Self-Love and Nicole is going to tell you why she believes this to be true.

Katie xx

** Please Note that there is some ‘dead air’ at the beginning of the podcast before the recording kicks in so give it a minute. The recording IS there for you!


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