My thoughts on profile pics

Being single when you would prefer to be in relationship brings it’s own set of frustrations and upset but it’s the opinions of others that I found to be particularly challenging.

Plucking up the courage to write a dating profile felt immense for me. Choosing the pictures to add to that profile REALLY challenged me. But it was what other people had to say about my pictures that really made me want to throw in the towel.

“Your pictures are too ‘girl next door’ – you should add some more sexy ones.”

“You don’t look your age. You need pics that make you look older”

“Your pictures are too perfect – they make you look unapproachable”

“You don’t want to look too pretty. Try to get some more ordinary shots”

“You need pictures that make you look well rounded – showing off all your hobbies”

Seriously!!?? I couldn’t win. Everyone’s opinions made me feel defeated. 

While I’m not here to say that pictures on a profile are not at all important, I am a huge believer in energetic connection over whether you look ‘right’ in a photo.  And I believe that you have to trust that ‘your guy’ – that one that is perfect for you – will find you regardless of whether you get your pictures ‘perfect’ or not. 

When it comes to dating and creating profiles, the key is to follow your gut and go with what feels good for you. 






Mind your own business and ignore what everyone else has to say. Trust yourself and your own judgement. Take your power back and stop allowing others to mess with your energy. We don’t have control over much in this life but we can always be in charge of our own energy!

The work I am doing with women who desire to call in their soul mate is a process that builds self trust, self worth and self confidence. It’s also a process which turns on your feminine superpowers making you a magnet for your desires. Your energy will shine through way more than any picture and your guy will be drawn to that. 

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