I have a very vivid memory I thought I would share with you.

I was taking part in The Hoffman Process (an 8 day residential transformation programme) and we had reached a crucial point in the energetic release of unhelpful patterns of behaviour. Everyone was celebrating their individual breakthroughs but I still felt stuck. There was something within me that still hadn’t shifted and I was determined to be rid of whatever it was.

I needed to be released. Once and for all.

I was fed up with feeling like a puppet – living a life that didn’t feel mine. I didn’t even feel comfortable in my own skin.

I needed to cut the puppet strings!

I was desperate to start living my own life. To master my emotions.



I was asked to stand in the middle of the room and express myself.

As Daring and Mighty as I am, the idea of standing in a room, surrounded by 25 people watching me express myself filled me with dread!

But I KNEW this was my chance. I was going to publicly claim a feeling that I had desired for longer than I cared to admit and on that day, I was able to name the feeling.

I was able to name my desire. 

So I bravely stepped forward and stood inside that circle of people – all eagerly watching me for what I would do next.

Before I realised what was happening an energy so powerful, so humbling and so liberating took over me and my hands were thrown up into the air and I screamed as loud as I could manage,

F R E E D O M !!

Katie Scarf

I screamed it over and over and the group screamed it with me.

It was tribal.

It was raw.

It changed my life.

F R E E D O M !!

I had desired to feel free for so long and in that moment my Spirit was finally liberated.

I freed my body.

I freed my mind.

I freed my soul.

The relief I felt is hard to put into words. I know that my face literally looked different afterwards. I felt physically lighter. And my life began.

I was re-born and I have never looked back. (and I felt a bit like Mel Gibson….!!)

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Learning to connect with my Spirit and be an expression of that infinite, beautiful truth was the key to setting me free.

I want this for every woman. It is your right. Indeed, it is your purpose.

katie meditating

Everyone seems to align purpose with career. I don’t believe that to be true.

I believe your purpose is to discover who you are and to be a divine expression of that. To serve from a place of deep authenticity. To share your special something.

Your career could very well tie in with your purpose. I know mine does.

My purpose was to fall in love with me.

I wonder if your purpose is the same as mine?

When we are born, we get it! We know who we are. People light up when they see us because the image of a new baby awakens a distant memory that we are all perfect, unique spirits inside. Somehow, we forget along the way. Our light is slowly extinguished as we are covered with layer upon layer of conditioning and programming.

But here’s the good news! Your light has not gone out! It is still there….it just needs a little space to breathe – some oxygen to re-ignite the flame.


It is a decision.

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Sending you so much love,

Katie x


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