Something BIG went down this week…



Having spent two incredible days with a VIP client here on Santorini, she and I pondered what had ‘gone down’ over the last 48 hours.
We chatted about her deep breakthrough moments; the exhilaration of feeling so free on the Quad Bike and swimming in the ocean; the incredibly humbling and then ecstatic feeling after a ‘heart connection’ meditation inside a cave house; the deep relaxation of a luxurious massage on the beach; the amazing food; the wine; the laughter and tears…..

What an experience!

Hard to believe we only spent 2 days together.

As we reflected, there was another lightbulb moment when my client said,

“Katie, I thought I knew exactly why I was coming to spend 2 days coaching with you. What we uncovered isn’t at all what I expected! I thought I knew the answers. I thought I knew what we would work on and exactly how you would support me. But what I got is beyond anything I could have predicted, and yet so perfect.”

We discussed this idea some more and then she said,

“So many women think they know the solutions to their problem(s) and that they can work it out alone. But if that were true, they would have done it, right!?”
Right! And this was a massive lightbulb moment for me too.

What we think is our problem and what is behind our ‘stuff’ isn’t always as obvious is you might imagine. I mean, if it was, you would fix it and move on, right?
If you are working within your own frame of reference, with your own conditioned beliefs and programmed patterns of behaviour, how can you begin to conceive what could ‘really’ be going on for you, without the perspective of someone else.

Someone trained to listen and to see what else could be true for you.

Someone skilled at holding the space for you to discover your real truth…..

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This isn’t about a coach or mentor ‘telling’ you your truth. Not at all! The coach has her own conditioning, after-all! We each have our own perspectives and ways of perceiving life – our own unique tint to our sunglasses.

This is about a coach or mentor guiding you to your own truth. Which is FAR more powerful than being told someone else’s. It is yours and when you hit on it, you know it with such certainty, with such a bolt of lightning, with such empowerment, you just know that life will never be the same.

This is what my client discovered this week and I am so grateful to her because she has shown me the power of my work at another level.

I just love it when the ‘student’ becomes the ‘teacher’. 


So I have been pondering my own journey and realised that I would never have discovered that I was living life as a victim if I hadn’t worked with someone that deeply cared for me and was able to show me that is what was going on. I mean, who wants to admit that they are a victim!? And when you are stuck in victim mode, it is very difficult to see beyond that dark and tortured space.

Without the guidance of an incredible coach I would never have been able to unlock my deepest fears around trusting another human being. Trust in an intimate relationship sadly wasn’t modeled to me by my parents, so my expectations around men was pretty dire. I was so locked within the terror of constant distrust and I was so exhausted by it that there was no way I could have released myself of that pain without help. And even though I was pretty sure where my distrust stemmed from, I still needed a coach to help me see it and experience it in a way that gifted me with my own lightbulb moment. The perspective of my coach and her ability to guide me to my own truth is what set me free. 

I knew I was angry. I knew I got frustrated easily. I knew others walked on egg-shells around me. And I knew how painful and tiring that constant aggravation felt however without a coach to shine a light on why I felt like that (and the answer was deep within me) and how to release myself into love, well, I would still be a rather tortured soul. And what a waste of precious life that would be….


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Lady, I know you are a conscious, intelligent, capable woman. There is no denying you are resourceful and clever. That said, if you are feeling less than comfortable in your own skin and you think you have the solution, then why do you not feel better? Why are you not claiming a life that you are proud of? 

I know you are coping. But I also know that you would prefer to thrive through life. You are worth so much more than just surviving.

It’s a question of permission. Do you dare to gift yourself with a new lease on life? Actually, better than a lease…..let’s go for ownership!

Do you dare to know your truth and own it. 

Do you dare to claim your deepest desires.

Do you dare to feel the best version of you?

It is available to you. And if you don’t believe you are worth it… will. That’s part of the work.

Self-worth, self-belief, self-trust, self-respect can all be yours.

Self-Love isn’t for the lucky few. 

It is a choice.

What do you choose? Is it your time?

Would you like the support of a mentor that has been there, done it and got the t-shirt!?

Would you like the accountability of a mentor that is working with women who are achieving their own personal break-throughs every day?

Would you like the love, care and attention of a mentor that will have your back every step of the way?

Would you like to work with me?
Book your complimentary discovery call with me today. Why waste another moment feeling small. If it’s time to expand into your truth, let’s have a conversation to explore if I am the right mentor for you. Just click here.

I would love to get to know you better.

Sending you so much love,


Katie x


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