Will working with me make you money?



So many women ask me if working with me will ultimately make them money.

It’s a big question.

I am a Self-Love Mentor. Not a Business Coach or a Wealth Expert.

That said, I am able to proudly stand tall and say….“Well, Self-Love has made me money!”

Discovering my purpose and direction….following my heart….living my passion….it couldn’t help but bring me financial reward.


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I was a struggling single parent – at one point with a young child, no home, no car, no job, no money in the bank and a massive victim mentality topped off with lashings of anxiety and dread! Seriously, just ask my patient friends who stood by me at that time. It was tough. It was also my opportunity. I had a choice. I could carry on down that destructive and exhausting and miserable road or take a stand for my life. And my son’s life!

I was driven by a searing hot desire to be the woman I knew I was meant to be. I knew that deep inside me was something special and that my mission was to access that. I had NO IDEA how. I just knew it was my time. I simply had to and then the right coaches came my way to guide me through to the other side.

Saying yes to myself was the first step. And when I say yes, I mean a ‘I’m having this – no-matter-what – my life depends on it – yes!’

The Universe took notice when I said yes.

I miraculously found the money to afford the support of those coaches – whether it be an unexpected job offer or a loan from a friend or a gift from a family member.

I miraculously found a car and a home I could afford.

I miraculously had work come to me – they even allowed me to bring my son to the interview because I couldn’t afford child-care!

Like I said, the Universe heard me. I was instantly supported.

Then I did the work. My assignment was to learn to love myself. I simply wanted to feel better. To feel happy. Boy did I get more than I bargained for!
Unlocking my truth was my key to emotional freedom, deeper relationships, authentic work and living out my deepest desires.

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By the end of this year alone I will have travelled to LA, Paris, The Greek Islands, Sydney, France, Morocco and Miami. I have booked my first ever International Business Class flight to Australia. I have lived and worked in a beautiful villa on Santorini. I have taken my son on some lovely holidays. I was able to treat my friends to a beautiful 40th birthday dinner. I live in a modest little cottage on a stunning farm. I still drive a banger of a car (but I love her!) and I have earned more money in a month than I used to earn in my corporate job in nearly a year.

Katie red dress

I do not tell you this to boast. Quite frankly, I am totally humbled by my achievements this year.

I often cry tears of pride as I attempt to grasp the profound enormity of what I have achieved since the struggle story above, which was only 4 years ago. (by the way, can you spot where I nearly burst into tears on the video above!!??)
How did I do it?

I invested heavily in myself in every conceivable way. I committed to my life. I took the leap to giving myself permission to get supported. I decided to live my life on MY terms. Despite my beliefs around ‘not being enough’ or ‘being too much’, I somehow gathered the courage to go for my dreams no matter what anyone else thought. Those that love me have stayed by my side.

I live my truth. I have a tattoo on my thumb (see pic below!) of a heart which reminds me to live the truth of my heart every single day. No matter what.

Katie tea

I don’t always get it right. Trust me! But I am committed to getting back up when I fall down and reminding myself that The Universe has my back and that it is required of me to get out in the world and be of service.

It is a non-negotiable to simply be me in the world.

When I serve in love and in truth and in total honour and respect of my self-love and my personal truth, the energy I give out is returned……and then some.

That’s how it works.

Money is currency.

Currency is energy.

Everything is energy.

You are a clever woman. You join the dots.

So, will working with me make you money? Well my friend, that’s for you to decide.

And if your decision is a big fat HELL YEAH! Then why not grab the last place on my next group programme! MightyMind 2014 starts on 16th September. (BTW, I am not sure when I will run another programme like this at this investment level)

If it’s your time, let’s jump on the phone ASAP. We are T minus 10 days – then it’s lift off for your Self-Love Affair!

Do you dare wait even one more day to get cracking!?

I would love to get to know you better.

Sending you so much love,


Katie x

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