{A Month of Self Love} Thursday Theory

Today I want to help you to get what you want for the year ahead.

Self-Love invites you to be honest about what you desire and to allow yourself to receive it. If you do not love yourself enough to go for your heart’s highest hopes, then life feels soul destroying because you are ignoring the whispers of your Sprit.

You must learn how to go after what you want, and that is a huge part of the transformational coaching work I am doing with women. You must love yourself enough to overcome all fear, self doubt and self criticism so that you may enjoy living a life that you are crazy proud of.

I recorded a 30 minute Facebook Live Training on this topic today and thought you might like to check it out. In the training I share a 7-step process to calling in your desires.


A 7 STEP PROCESS TO CALLING IN YOUR DESIRES – this is what was covered on the training (plus much more!)

1. Declare your desire – write it in your journal and consider sharing it with people that support you

2. Tune in to how you will feel when you have received that desire – that’s the feeling you must create for yourself every day

3. With that feeling in mind answer these questions :

How would you behave?

What would you spend time on?

Who would you spend time with?

How would you spend your money?

What decisions would you make?

4. Make a note of what resistance or negative beliefs or uncomfortable feelings that come up for you when you answer the questions above – that’s the work, that is what needs to be healed and transformed

5. Commit to transformational living – do the daily work of moving from fear to love, healing the self sabotaging beliefs and behaviours you identified above (I can help with that!)

6. Surrender – release attachment to getting the desire. Your desire is looking for you too so you can relax and allow it to come

7. Keep the faith – trust that life is designed to support you

All sorts of juicy nuggets of wisdom were shared in today’s Live Teaching around the above so please do check it out. It’s only 30 minutes and it will set you up for real, tangible success in calling in your 2019 desires.


Katie x

Founder of The School of Self Love

PS. If you are serious about taking you and your life to the next level, I invite you to book a private conversation with me. This is a totally free consultation where we can explore how The School of Self Love can support you – from transformational retreats to group coaching to online home study to private coaching with me, we’ve got you covered!  CLICK HERE for a Self Love Consultation with me.


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