{Love Note} Stop Trying!

Stop Trying

Note to self…


Words have power.


As you know, your experience of yourself and your life is linked to your thoughts.


Your thoughts create your reality.


When you speak your thoughts, you are adding even more energy to the words. Whatever leaves your mouth is SO powerful so it’s important to be vigilant with your language. (A great book on this topic is ‘Conscious Language’ by Robert Tennyson Steven)


I bring this subject up because it pains me so much when I hear a women say, “I will try” or, “I am trying”.


Do you feel the low vibration of the word ‘try’? Can you feel how heavy it is? How laden with victim, repression, hardship and weight it is?


To try suggests completion or success is not on the agenda.


It’s empowering to make a decision and take action. How you verbalise that intention is key to achieving it.


Here’s some other ways you could express the concept that I know you mean when you say you are trying –

“I am learning a new way of ……… (fill in the blank)”

“I am discovering …….(fill in the blank)”

“I will….”

“I choose to ……”

“I have decided to……”  


You get the idea.


Here’s some great affirmations to support you in this –


“I can and I will!”

“I trust my decisions”

“I trust my intuition”

“I love to make plans and stick to them”

“I know I am always doing my best”

“My best is good enough”

“I am making progress every day”

“I always have a choice”

“I am successful”

“I know I desire it so I am claiming it!”


I hope these support you.


Please don’t let these sit on your computer, never to be seen again. If this post speaks to you then write your favourite affirmations onto a post-it note and put it somewhere where you will read it every day.


Lady, it’s time to re-wire that beautiful mind of yours with loving thoughts that will serve you!


Katie xx


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