What Am I Doing Wrong?

When I was single, I tried ALL the things to call in my guy. 

I tried hard. Praying, affirmations, manifesting meditations and vision boards – all trying to work with the Laws of Attraction to manifest him into being. 

I really put myself out there too. I imagined where he would hang out and I went there. I travelled the world going to events and retreats where I thought he might be and while I did meet lots of cool dudes, I didn’t meet my guy. 

I tried online dating, blind dates, arranged dates through friends. I suffered no-shows and ghosting. And I pressed on. I kept the faith and kept trying.

Do you remember the 1989 film, ‘Field of Dreams’, starring a young and hunky Kevin Costner!?  There was that epic line, “Build it and he will come”. 

Or if you’re a little younger, maybe you saw the ‘Sex And The City’ episode where Miranda is trying to change her bed Karma!? 


I’m trying to change my bed karma. I figure if I can make my bed a place I really want to be, others will feel the same.


Aah, the Field of Dreams.


Exactly. If you build it, he will come.

I was hooked on Sex & The City when I was single. It was my snuggly, cozy place to escape into year on year! I even dragged my son to Carrie’s brown stone when we were in New York earlier this year!

But I digress.

I loved the concept of ‘build it and he will come’ so I bought new bedding and gorgeous lingerie. I remember only having one bedside table so I got rid of it and bought a matching pair. I even filled the one on ‘his side’ of the bed with really beautiful mens shaving cream, moisturiser, toothbrush and deodorant so that when he came to stay, he was covered with the basics! I kept a drawer empty for his clothes. I created space for him in anticipation of his arrival. 

I started to wonder what I was doing wrong because despite ALL of the above he didn’t show up. 

The thing is, I can see in retrospect that all the things I was doing all did play a part in calling in James. They were all pieces of the jigsaw. They mostly brought me much joy, pleasure and humour too! 

The missing pieces of the jigsaw that were necessary for me to ultimately call in James were what I now teach, coach and guide women through. It’s the inner work that creates self love and self trust, the healing of the inner child that creates self compassion and self confidence, the energetic magnetism that comes from being fully connected to your empowered feminine that allows you to fully receive what you desire. 

You aren’t doing anything wrong. It all counts. And, if you know deep in your bones that your heart is looking to be healed or that your soul is yearning to be more fully acknowledged or that your feminine wisdom is desiring to be more fully expressed – then you just might be interested to join me for my FREE 5-day challenge where I will personally guide you through a process to boost self confidence, self trust and self worth so that you can attract in your soul mate, just as I did.

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I would love to support you in meeting your soul mate!


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