What is an empowered woman?

You know you’re an empowered woman when :

  • you do your inner work because it means you’re consciously connected to the truth of who you are;
  • you are connected to your intuition and spirit;
  • you can listen to your own wisdom for guidance (rather than external sources);
  • you can be vulnerable;
  • you can a stand for yourself and say ‘no more’, ‘that’s enough’ or ‘that’s not okay with me’.
  • you have strong, healthy boundaries that you create with love;
  • you don’t have to convince anyone of anything;
  • you don’t have to prove yourself;

An empowered woman knows that when she is reacting (negatively) to something then she has some inner work to do because she desires to bring her best self to the table and come from a place of love.

She will create the space to do that work.

She will feel her feelings.

She will do her journalling and make time for her spiritual practices. 

She will ask for the support that she needs. 

An empowered woman is magnetic. She lives in flow, calling in her desires with ease.

And, an empowered woman knows she doesn’t have to be perfect. She knows she is always growing and evolving. 

She chooses every day to live transformationally and consciously. 

How empowered do you feel today?

Big love,

Katie xx

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