What do You Intend?



How much thought do you give to the power of your intention?

Your intention is a really powerful force and is the basis for your entire lived experience. You may have heard of the saying “Thoughts become things” – well as you think and intend, so shall it be.

If you look back upon your own achievements, you will see that you achieved them because you intended to do so. You created your own pathway for your experience through you own intention. Intention is the force that lies behind everything that you do – good or bad.

That is why it is so important to exercise some control over our intentions. If our intentions are clothed in fear then it is our fear-based intentions that will manifest. Feeling good is the key here, your intentions are played out through your own feelings. It is the feeling or the energy that will manifest in your life.


So how do you set positive intentions and what can you do if you feel fear surrounding an intention? Setting your intention is like offering your desires to the universe.  In setting an intention you are envisioning how you would like to be, to feel, to progress. Take the time to think for a moment about how you would like to feel. For instance you might say, ‘I want to feel more connected, vital and loving’. The next task is to think about what actions you could take that could make you feel that way. For instance you might say, ‘I intend to follow my intuition and instinct in my dealings today’, I intend to have healthier eating habits,’, ‘I intend to recognise the Spirit in others and smile genuinely today’. In setting these feeling based intentions you will feel more deeply connected to your Spirit and begin to manifest the good that you desire.

It is really important to monitor the dialogue surrounding your intentions and to use positive phrasing which is elevated and energised and to avoid stating your intentions in the negative. For example instead of saying, “Please don’t let me fail my exam” rephrase your intention to something like “I intend to achieve a successful examination result”. Or  not “I will no longer argue in my relationship” but rather it could be rephrased to “I enjoy healthy, open, loving communication in my relationships.”


In avoiding words with a low energy you will feel more positive about your intention and therefore send out a positive vibration surrounding it. If you do feel negative emotion surrounding an intention, then re-tweak your language so that you are aligning your thoughts and intentions to be in resonance with your energy and real desires and you begin to attract circumstance that allow you to achieve it.

I like to set my intentions for the day first thing in the morning but of course you can set intentions for the coming day, week, year, whenever. I find that setting daily intentions allows me to be more reflective and present and more mindful of my interaction with others and more in tune with my Spirit.

I’m so glad I listened to the desires of my Spirit and set my intentions on a spending the summer in Greece! What do you intend today?

Big Love,

Katie x

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