Mighty Mind 2014

The madness of Summer will soon be over.

School will be back in session.

Work resumes as normal.

The days will get shorter.

The leaves will start to fall and before you know it, it will be Christmas.

A new year is literally around the corner.


MightyMind 2014 is about to begin. Last places up for grabs. Click here to schedule your complimentary Discovery Call with me today. 


The New Year. That time when you take stock of what you have achieved this year and you begin to do a life assessment of sorts.

For some people, that life assessment is a fleeting thought while clinking champers glasses and ‘Old Lang Syneing’ it into the new year. Eyes closed.

For others – the Truth Seekers – it tends to go a little deeper. Eyes wide open.

Do you relate?

The new year feels pivotal, doesn’t it.

Sliding doors.

The toss of a dime.

You can go left. Or right.

And depending on what paths you took over the course of this year, the next move could feel life changing.
New Year's Resoluton


Imagine reaching New Years Eve just ‘knowing’ you are on track!

Imagine having just completed some deep inner transformational work that has had you clear out negative belief systems, damaging patterns of behaviour and the chatter of your inner critic.

Imagine having just spent time figuring out who you are, what you want and how you are ready to show up in the world.

Imagine you have accessed your Spiritual self and your Spiritual team – they all have your back. You feel safe and supported.

Imagine feeling so excited and empowered because you are on the brink of a new experience of life.

The New Year is finally upon you and you are finally ready to shine!

Choosing the right path is easy because you know who you are, you are connected to your values and feel secure in your own body.

You have discovered your worth and have huge value to contribute to the world. You can’t wait to get started!

There is no fear. Just excitement.

You are filled with hope.

You feel proud of who you are and what is around the corner.


You can press repeat and do this year all over again.

MightyMind 2014 is about to begin. Last places up for grabs. Click here to schedule your complimentary Discovery Call with me today. Find out if mentoring with me is the right fit for you.

Can you remember who you are

Perhaps ‘good enough’ is ok for you.

But hold on…..you are subscribed to the Daring & Mighty community because you don’t do ‘fine’, am I right?

You desire to live a 10/10 life, right?

Sitting at anything less than a 7 feels unsatisfactory, right?

Knowing that you are not fulfilling your potential is uncomfortable, right?

Because you KNOW you are meant for more. You hear your inner voice, your Spirit, egging you on to grow.

Captain of my soul

You know your calling is to expand. And that calling will never stop.

That both excites you and scares the pants of you, right!?

Yep, I get it! I was that women. I still am that woman.

I was petrified of change and growth but I reached a point where I pretty much no longer had any choice but to go for it.

I was single with a 3 year old. I didn’t have a job or any money in the bank. I didn’t have a car or anywhere to live. I was suffering extreme anxiety, crazy levels of worry and overwhelm, enormous self-doubt and had absolutely no sense of self. I was alone and scared.

I handed it up to the Universe. Help came. The perfect people or music or books or courses came at the perfect times. I knew in my gut when something was for me and I grabbed it, like my life depended on it. In a way, it did!

MightyMind 2014 is about to begin. Last places up for grabs. Click here  to schedule your complimentary Discovery Call with me today. Find out if mentoring with me is the right fit for you.   

I signed up to work with some incredible transformational coaches. When I did, I was wetting my pants with fear! But I HAD to do it. And I am so glad I did.

I still feel like that sometimes. Here I am, writing a book on the Greek island of Santorini, and I have felt such terror around aspects of this trip – from learning to drive a Quad bike on the wrong side of the road to travelling alone and dodging amorous Greek men to worrying about how to run a business while being based on an island to missing my son dreadfully.

Fear comes up when you are up-levelling your life.

It’s absolutely part of the process.

Choosing to smash through regardless is the key.

That choice is yours.

I have always chosen to take the chance. The leap has always been worth it.

The Daring & Mighty path is the only way forward for me and I am living a life that I am deeply proud of as a result. I love myself. I have an incredible relationship with my son and my friendships are deep and meaningful. I have a purpose.

I am fulfilled.

I never thought I would be able to say that. What a trip it is to be able to say those words to you now. And to know I am still growing. Always expanding!

I would love to be on your team, if you dare to invite me onboard?

I have 5 other ladies waiting to join us too. Other women on the same Daring & Mighty path as you. All intending to start 2015 on the right foot, knowing they are headed down the right road, excited for a new year.

New Year. New You. That’s what they say, right!?

Cheesy. Yes. But oh so true!

Katie in hat

If you would like to join MightyMind 2014, we start on 16th September. It’s a 4 month group mentoring programme, lead by The Self-Love Mentor (that’s me!).
You will experience 5 star luxurydeep inner transformationspiritual connectionfriendship and sisterhoodfiercely loyal accountability and support.
You will also start 2015 with passion and purpose!
More information on MightyMind 2014 can be found by clicking HERE. 
To jump on board, you will need to have a call with me first. So, let’s schedule your complimentary Discovery Call today. Just click HERE.Places are limited to 6 in total and they are disappearing. I don’t know when I will run my next Group Programme….so if your gut is whispering it’s your time, listen up!I can’t wait to speak with you.Sending you loads of hot, summery love from Santorini!

Katie x

Katie in Greece

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