You come first

I would like to remind you today that it’s ok to put your needs first. 

There’s nothing worse than trying to work on your passion projects, care for the people you love or contribute to the world in a meaningful way when you feel depleted, tired and resentful. 

Would you agree? 

If I don’t start my day with something that I need, that’s just for me, I know that no-one and no-thing is going to get the absolute best of me that day.

If I don’t inject multiple opportunities into my day for self care, self compassion and self love then I experience irritability and I can feel the martyr rising!

I have a feeling that you and I are similar – I bet that you give a lot!? I bet that you love to give a lot? I bet that you are driven by being of high service in the world?

That is wonderful. You are here to contribute and love and share your unique gifts with the world. You know you have something special to offer. 

The degree to which you desire to serve is the degree to which you must serve yourself.

The degree to which you desire to love is the degree to which you must love yourself.

You come first. Period.

It’s easy to forget.

I am trusting that you needed this reminder!

Today I invite you to give yourself permission to put your needs first. It’s a brave act.

May the world receive the best version of you.

Much love,

Katie xx

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