2020 – The Feminine Rising!

In today’s ‘Cuppa with Katie’ I share my experience of doing my ‘2020 Reflections’ process yesterday. I learned a lot and was surprised by just how juicy and wonderful 2020 was.

I share my feelings around the rising of the feminine this year and how she will continue to rise next year making it even more important that we do our inner healing work so that we can BE more authentic and of service in the years to come. That’s what the planet needs. 

I trust that what I share today is inspiring and I hope it encourages you to do your own reflection process (or join me for my workshop!). This is a special time of the year for that work.

Big love,

Katie xx

PS. Join the FREE ‘2020 Reflections’ Workshop on Wednesday 16th December – Live on Zoom –  https://theschoolofself.love/2020-reflections-workshop . If you miss it live, I will share a replay with you if you have registered. (link in bio)

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