{A Month of Self Love} Friday Forgiveness


Every Friday this month I have promised to share a Forgiveness Practice with you.

Whether you need to forgive someone else or yourself, these teachings will support you in feeling more peaceful and free.

I would like to guide you through a journey of forgiveness so what I share with you each week will be another step in a process that will lead you toward forgiveness.

Are you ready to dive in?




In my experience, forgiveness is a process. It’s also deeply spiritual work because I believe it happens at soul level – when we are ready.

As much as I would like to guide you through a process of forgiveness this month, please know that you don’t need to know ‘how’ to forgive. Forgiveness is a function of your soul and while I guide you through some practical steps and actions, please know that the feeling of forgiveness will come to you in a very personal way.

I invite you today to surrender to a power within you that is so loving and that will guide your heart to the deep release and peace that you desire. It is available to you. Today you can invite that in.

Holding onto hurt, injustice, resentment and wrongdoing is a massive energy drain and you need your full energy to have the year you desire.

Today I invite you to do the following:

1. Identify who / what requires forgiveness – write in your journal about the situation, events, behaviours etc that have caused you pain and allow yourself to feel the truth of how that has made you feel. You cannot forgive until you have fully allowed your feelings and fully acknowledged how this has affected you. Really let loose in your journal. Allow your emotions to be fully expressed and if you would like to take the emotional expression a step further (which I highly recommend!), create a safe and private space in which you can cry, yell, stomp, punch a pillow and scream. Perhaps go for a run or take a boxing class with the intention of using your body to physically release the feelings.

2. Write about how holding onto this is draining your energy in the day-to-day. Notice how your mind ruminates and how your body experiences it. Really connect to the truth of just how energy draining this is for you.

3. Commit to being free. The above is step one of a process. Commit and surrender to the full process and allow your soul to do the ‘real’ work! Perhaps you could write a vow of commitment in your journal.

Next Friday we will continue your Forgiveness Process. Between now and then, be kind to yourself.

I am a transformational and intuitive coach and have guided many women to healing the pain, injustice and resentment they have experienced and which is holding them back from living their fullest life.

I am an expert when it comes to personal transformation, emotional freedom and mental mastery.  I invite you to book in a free consultation with me if you would like to explore how I could personally support you this year. I have a handful of private coaching spaces now available.

Love you loads,

Katie x

Founder of The School of Self Love

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